SCAMS – Be Aware – And Report When Necessary

Written by By Vickie J Scanlon

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Report Your Scams

The Internet may be a vast network of International players, butrepparttar word scam travels quickly and people listen. If you thinkrepparttar 142154 telephone was a good communication tool, well,repparttar 142155 Internet is just as good – and sometimes faster if you know where to go.

If you have been scammed and wish to preventrepparttar 142156 scammers from getting richer and any new victims from getting poorer – userepparttar 142157 list below – and report it.

However, please do not take this responsibility lightly -- if you are wronged, or treated badly -- but not scammed, do not report it. And remember -- a scam occurs when a program or a business misrepresents or makes promises that they do not keep.

Report A Scam ( You will report information here if you believe a program or business opportunity is misrepresenting itself or making promises that are not being kept. ( -- This is a site where you can report different types of scams: Telemarketing scams, Elder scams, Internet Fraud, Scams Against Businesses.

Rip-Off Report ( -- Rip-off Report is a consumer-to-consumer site, which is seen by over 2,892,077,866 people.

Better Business Bureau ( -- Never forgetrepparttar 142158 Better Business Bureau -- when you file a complaint -- they will contactrepparttar 142159 organization to try and resolverepparttar 142160 issue for you.

Web Assured ( You can file a complaint, as well as, look at their watch list. Companies are placed on their watch list when they blatantly disregard Internet standards.

Federal Trade Commission – (

ScamWatch ( Scam Watch covers scams from financial to investments, pyramid schemes and miracle cure.

ScamBusters (

To conclude, when beginning work onrepparttar 142161 Internet, you will encounter obvious scams, and not so obvious scams. The key is research, and as always, Buyer Beware. If your gut gets an uneasy knot in it and, if you hear yourself saying, "This is just too good to be true?" -- Take note, it probably is.

Vickie J Scanlon has a BBA degree in Administrative Management and Marketing. She left the corporate world as an Reports Programmer, to begin her journey as an Internet marketer. Visit her site at: for free tools, articles, ebooks, and how to info, income opportunities, affiliate opportunities, or check her blog for additional insights to the Affiliate Business –

Understanding Affiliate Programs

Written by Sylvia White

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There are many free ad sites which you will find by placing Free Ad Sites inrepparttar search box. Always use a different email box for this project as you are sure to get lots of spam emails back, you do not want to fill your usual inbox with spam. Another way to refer is by using PPC, (pay per click) this can work out expensive but it does work, you will need a certain amount of paid sign ups to cover costs. Google isrepparttar 142136 most expensive but you can find many cheaper search engines out there, Overture is good and less expensive. Once you start getting paid signups you yourself will have to learn to be a mentor as they are almost certain to require help of some kind. Do your home work and read up on your program in between your other jobs, it is surprising how quickly you learn and find yourself able to answer their questions confidently. You should now be onrepparttar 142137 road to earning an adequate income, you must give your self at least 12 months before expecting high earnings, it is a slow road but a steady one, usually with residual income that does come in very handy in your retirement.

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