Written by Meredith Pond

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Using words like FREE, BONUS, and MONEY will also grab reader attention and make your ad stand out. Highlight or capitalize important words for emphasis, but try to refrain from using lots of exclamation points. Yelling at your prospects will get you nowhere!!! See what I mean?

Once you've written your ad, use your spell checker. Even small mistakes in spelling or grammar can make you look careless or unreliable. When you're reading an ad and see typos, what do you think? Keep in mindrepparttar fact that your audience most likely ISN'T full of idiots.

Overall, make sure your ads will get noticed, conveyrepparttar 101086 facts, and contribute to your credibility. A good ad will get people interested and excited about your product without excessive hype. If you can do all these things, your classified ad will serve you well.

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7 Reasons To Advertise With Paid Email

Written by Timothy Ward

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5. Extras

A lot ofrepparttar existing paid email companies, and even someofrepparttar 101085 newer ones, are starting to include extra to lureadvertisers to advertise with them. Some of these extras include free gifts, bonus advertising, free banner impressions etc.

6. Discounted Advertising

With competition getting more fierce with every passing day, paid email companies are trying to find even cheaper ways for people to advertise with them. Withrepparttar 101086 standard emails they have pay members a certain amount, so they can't drop their rates below that price. That is why many ofrepparttar 101087 companies are coming out with such ideas as Member Mails (a mail that is sent to all members, but members do not get paid for reading them), Click-Thru Pages (a page where members can go and receive a small amount, usually 1 cent or .5 cents, for visiting websites) and other ideas. Discounted paid email methods can be a great way to advertise, at a fraction ofrepparttar 101088 usual cost.

7. Guaranteed percentage of visits

Most paid email companies now offer a guaranteed percentage of visits to your website per campaign. These percentages range anywhere from 25% to 100%, depending onrepparttar 101089 campaign you purchase. For example, let's say you purchase 1000 paid emails, and you are guaranteed a 50% click thru rate. This means that you will get 500 visitors to your site, even ifrepparttar 101090 paid email company has to send your ad to more than 1000 people to achieve that goal.

These are just a few ofrepparttar 101091 reasons why paid email advertising can be beneficial. For more information on paid email, as well as links to various paid email sites, visit:

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