SANANDA MAITREYA releases Chapter 3 of his new project "Angels & Vampires"

Written by Lilian Philips

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* We Are The Living!

"We ought to be living together as one and not fighting apart as two but that is a sentiment that's bound to be mocked without reason as sure as my name has changedrepparttar game we will do all that we can do to fill uprepparttar 110045 ranks with fewer tanks and more thanks for our seasons"

* Psychotherapy

All songs are written, arranged, produced and performed by Sananda Maitreya.

For more information about "WEED":

For more information about Sananda Maitreya and to download his new music:

"Angels & Vampires" is Sananda's 6th project and totally there are 10 new songs online, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are also available.

Overrepparttar 110046 next months Sananda will release more Chapters of "Angels & Vampires" on his website: ....STAY TUNED!!


"Angels & Vampires" is Sananda's 6th project after the release of: 2002/2003 "WildCard -The Jokers' Edition" 1995 "Vibrator" 1993 "Symphony Or Damn" 1989 "Neither Fish Nor Flesh" 1987 "Introducing The Hardline According To .."

Las Vegas Interesting Facts

Written by Iulia Pascanu

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The gold mine of America

After South Africa,repparttar state of Nevada isrepparttar 110044 largest gold producer inrepparttar 110045 world. Golden Nugget Hotel displaysrepparttar 110046 world's biggest gold nugget ever found, that weights 61 pounds.

The most famous mine owner inrepparttar 110047 history of Nevada was George Wingfield. He also owned every bank inrepparttar 110048 state. Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company, that he ran together with senator (at that time) George S. Nixon, made them both multi-millionaires.

The other "gold mine" ofrepparttar 110049 state of Nevada is gambling, since gaming activities were legalised in 1931. In 2003,repparttar 110050 gross gaming revenue in Las Vegas was $7,673,489,000.

This "gold mine" closed its doors only one time in history: on November 25th 1963, forrepparttar 110051 national mourning ofrepparttar 110052 assassinated president George Kennedy. History didn't repeat itself inrepparttar 110053 first days after September 11. In fact, Americans asked in surveys on this subject saw Las Vegas as a place to escaperepparttar 110054 tension.

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