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Whether speaking onrepparttar phone or sending them an email, ask these "cold" or "past" customers how things are going for them. Refer to your notes to know what questions to ask and what advice to offer. Remind them that, at one time, they were interested in your products or services, and tell them about any special promotions you're having. Don't be pushy, simply offer to help them if they're still interested, and let them know they can contact you any time for help.

When placing a call or sending an email to one of these prospects, be sure to start by reminding them of who you are and why they contacted YOU before. Tell them you were going through some old notes or emails, and wanted to follow up to make sure you'd answered all their questions and given them what they needed. They'll appreciate your effort and concern, and THAT makes them more likely to buy.

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"7 Dirt-Cheap Tactics To Ignite Your Online Sales!"

Written by Michael S.L Bombard

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4. Impliment a simple form of viral marketing. There's many great ebooks onrepparttar Internet that you can get free, and brand with your website's URL and contact info. This is a phenomenal way to build an opt-in email list fast, and promote your website onrepparttar 127364 backend.

My personal favorite has always beenrepparttar 127365 "TrafficVirus" edition by Jimmy D. Brown - available free at:

5. Barter, trade and partner-up for profits. You could trade for traffic, ezine ads, products, services, etc. Bottom line: You can boost your sales without spending a penny more. Get creative and exciting things can happen.

6. Write your own ad copy for affiliate programs. Spend some time creating your own unique, powerful ad copy in order to "stand out fromrepparttar 127366 crowd". This will leaverepparttar 127367 other affiliates in your dust and give you a strong advantage over your competition.

7. Get an inexpensive, custom-made sticker advertisement for your vehicle's rear window. Why not? State your USP (Unique selling position) in BOLD letters with your website address below it. Think about how much driving you do sometimes, and how many people will see that sticker!

Michael S.L Bombard

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