Written by Shah N. Khan

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Integrity ofrepparttar salesman and his willingness to provide after sales service and to work out a solution best suited to his client and his interests are amongrepparttar 127573 common denominators of highly successful sales and marketing executives and other personnel.

Planning and setting goals & targets are stepping stones forrepparttar 127574 sales work 'In sales your goals must be out of reach but not of out of sight.' Ben Feldmanrepparttar 127575 greatest life insurance salesman who made millions just by selling life insurance stated this. He pursuedrepparttar 127576 goals that were not achievable without extra ordinary efforts. But he never setrepparttar 127577 goals that were foolishly high. He kept on reviewing his progress and goals. He believed that that you goals must not only for your business, but also for family as well as social and cultural life.

It is said that in sales your Altitude depends on your Attitude. This is quite correct. Somebody coined a phrase "KASH FORMULA for success in selling a

nd defined it as follows:

1. K for knowledge ofrepparttar 127578 product and familiarity withrepparttar 127579 basic principles of selling and marketing techniques. 2. A for attitude. Perseverance and positive approach. 3. S for skills. Mastering presentation techniques, polishing up sales talk and using psychological appeal. 4. H for habits. Punctuality and prospecting, obtaining leads and references

Here’srepparttar 127580 rule for bargains: "Do other men, for they would do you." That’srepparttar 127581 true business precept. _Charles Dickens (1812–70), English novelist.

Shah N. Khan has over 20 years experience in marketing and supervising life insurance sales force besides underwriting and advertising. He is now editing a weekly ezine Fraternity Briefs Online http://www.yahoogroups/group/fraternity2 He also works as Internet Marketing Consultants and helps his two sons in their web designing business.

Anyone Can Sell Online; *Anyone*!

Written by Steve Nash

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"Sell via affiliate marketing!"

Affiliate marketing is *very* big business. It is thought that by 2002, 25% of online sales will have originated on affiliate sites. Many online businesses now run affiliate programs. It *is* possible to make a lot of money every month simply from a link to an affiliate program.

It is possible, but not that simple!

You need to have a decent amount of traffic to your site; you need to choose programs that have a good fit with your website; you need to promoterepparttar affiliate program well (sometimes called pre- selling!); and you need to join an affiliate program:

i) of a site that makesrepparttar 127572 sale, and ii) that pays a good rate of commission.

(Ideally, you would want to make a lifetime commission onrepparttar 127573 referred customer on all future sales too!)

Amazon definitely makesrepparttar 127574 sale (it's well-designed, has excellent customer service, and hence has very high conversion rates). But it pays a maximum of 15% commission, and you ONLY make commission on a previously-referred customer IF they click your affiliate link inrepparttar 127575 future - no lifetime commission here!

If you're serious about selling via affiliate marketing - and it really is a great way to supplement your income, whilst improving site content - then I recommend you sign-up for Ken Evoy's NEW 5-day Affiliate Masters e-mail course.

The NEW Affiliate Masters course shows you what to look for in an affiliate program, how to pre-sellrepparttar 127576 program, AND it includes excellent sections on site promotion too! Over 100 pages, it's an invaluable affiliate marketing resource, yet amazingly its free!

Sign-up for Day 1 of The Affiliate Masters course NOW! Simply send an email to

Recommended resources:

* 5 Pillar Program - votedrepparttar 127577 best affiliate program onrepparttar 127578 net

* Guide to UK/worldwide affiliate programs

------------ 3) Anyone with a WEBSITE and a PRODUCT ------------

Congratulations! You're already selling online. Not sure why you're still reading this then!

Maybe you're not making as many sales as you'd imagined!

Selling online for you, is all about selling a great product, atrepparttar 127579 right price, and getting enough traffic to your site. Am I right? So, have you masteredrepparttar 127580 so-called Big 3 of product, site- selling and traffic building?

"Learn how to make your site sell!"

If you haven't can I politely suggest you check outrepparttar 127581 following best-of-breed products below that WILL make your site sell (atrepparttar 127582 right price)! And, you might also like to considerrepparttar 127583 possibilities offered by affiliate marketing and online auctions detailed above!

Recommended resources:

* Make Your Site Sell - "The bible of Net selling"

* MYPS - Hire a $15,000 pricing consultant for almost nothing!


As I have just shown, anyone can sell online. You can either:

o Sell your own product, or o Sell someone else's product

And you can do this via your own website, or via an online auction site. Excellent tools exist that show you how to:

o Sell what you know o Sell what you have, via auction sites or your own website o Sell what others have, via affiliate programs

You probably won't get rich online - give it a while, eh? ;) - but you WILL be able to improve your income, and enjoy yourself atrepparttar 127584 same time!

Just visit these resources:

o Ebay

o Make Your Net Auctions Sell

o Make Your Knowledge Sell

o Make Your Words Sell

o Make Your Price Sell

o Make Your Site Sell

o Guide to affiliate programs

And remember, if you too want to sell online, you can! Just chooserepparttar 127585 best option for you, *and take action!*

Happy selling,

Steve Nash Webmaster, Shop Tour UK

PS Do be careful before you *speculate to accumulate!* All ofrepparttar 127586 resources mentioned in this article offer outstanding value and an absolutely no questions asked money-back guarantee!

PPS If this still looks like too much work! There's now a new and innovative tool that allows you to CONCENTRATE ONLY ON YOUR BUSINESS! Forget domain registration and hosting, forget HTML, forgetrepparttar 127587 vagaries of website promotion and search engine submission... forget everything apart from developing your business online.

Site Build It! isrepparttar 127588 complete, all-in-one traffic-building system. It builds income by giving you allrepparttar 127589 software, tools and techniques that you need to build targeted traffic... all tied together into a terrific, time-saving, step-by-step process.

o Why not check out Site Build It! for yourself!

o Or enterrepparttar 127590 sweepstakes and win 2 years of Site Build It!

Steve Nash is webmaster of - an easy-to-use UK shopping directory. "Find shops quickly AND save money." He also edits a newsletter called Promote! Promote! Promote!. Subscribe NOW by sending a blank e-mail to

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