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Written by Elena Petrova

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Andrepparttar last, yours truly:

4) Elena Petrova – M-degree in Philosophy, married to a South African man for more than 5 years, currently living in Australia. We have two children, a boy and a girl.

Back in Russia, I used to be a regional manager of a large marketing agency, having 150 people working for me. My income would fit into top 10% ofrepparttar 132438 population. My website Russian Brides Cyber Guide ( is one ofrepparttar 132439 most popular places for information about Russia and Russian women – even school kids writing essays about Russia use it.

So – what do you think about real-life Russian brides? Do they sound like low-class, desperate silly girls “selling themselves”?

No. Neither their husbands are unattractive old losers.

Take my husband for example: he used to be a top-manager of a corporate company,repparttar 132440 head of finance department, and a successful athlete as well - running marathons and ultra-marathons, and has got 3 medals forrepparttar 132441 toughest Comrades Marathon, which is 90 km throughrepparttar 132442 hills (the ones who run marathons will know what it means!). 6’4” tall and trim, you think he could not find anyone at his home country?!

So WHY those men and women set up to look elsewhere for marriage partners?

The answer is simple: CHOICE!

They can find a better quality partner abroad that is available for them at their home countries.

That’s it.

No hidden agenda, “buying women” – “selling themselves”, justrepparttar 132443 natural human desire.

Forget “mail order brides” nonsense –repparttar 132444 fact that people marry somebody from a different country than their own is a natural attribute ofrepparttar 132445 Internet age where national borders started to fade.

We live inrepparttar 132446 interesting times, pals. Embracerepparttar 132447 opportunities!

Elena Petrova is well known by her website Russian Brides Cyber Guide (, which is an informational source about Russia and Russian women. She holds master’s degree in philosophy and authored several highly successful books about Internet dating. Get your FREE copy of “9 Simple Rules For Dating Russian Women” - send blank email to

Of Drugs and Youth

Written by Billy I Ahmed

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What is more important is thatrepparttar leisure time activities of both student and non-student youth are so organised that they provide for healthy recreation and constructive work habits. As is evident, a youth feels more at home within his age-group. Therefore, to reach them, it is but natural to takerepparttar 132436 help of more active groups among them.

In Bangladesh, a strong emphasis has been placed on awareness building against drug-abuse among youth as they are considered to berepparttar 132437 most precious asset for human resource development. Financial and technical assistance is provided byrepparttar 132438 government and NGO's to help them undertake activities such as socio cultural programmes. Experience has shown such programmes have a salutary impact, if backed by a good follow-up programme.

It has also been realised that youth power can be harnessed not only from preventing youths fromrepparttar 132439 malady of addiction but also by improvingrepparttar 132440 environment they live in. One such example isrepparttar 132441 "Rainy Day" concert organised by Prothom Alo to observerepparttar 132442 International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking. Some 15000 youths saying 'No to drugs' vowed to launch a nationwide movement against drug.

I take my hats off to Anusheh who hadrepparttar 132443 gut to narrate her once drug addicted life. Anusheh, you can be a good ambassador to helprepparttar 132444 drug addicts return to their original track. Such activities/programmes help to identify addicts in their own peer groups. Dare devils asrepparttar 132445 youth are, they prove to be an asset in reaching rather inaccessible areas ofrepparttar 132446 community, such as, pockets of addiction.

Many a time, due to their connection with traffickers, pushers and pedlars, it becomes difficult to impress upon addicts to leave their habit. It is here thatrepparttar 132447 youths, voluntary organisations have not only been able to create awareness but also have been able to muster support for combating trafficking, pushing and peddling drug. ----------------------------------------

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