Russian Mail Order Bride - “RETURN TO SENDER"

Written by Marina Smiley

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Yet there are many couples who live withrepparttar “mail order bride” label as a stigma. As a matter of fact, I personally know a couple, whererepparttar 145860 husband is running a very successful business and absolutely forbids his Russian wife from EVER telling anyone aboutrepparttar 145861 way they met. He taught her to answer that they met by accident while they both were on vacation in Europe. Why? Because he believes that his business partners and his relatives will not acceptrepparttar 145862 fact that he met his wife though a “mail order bride “ situation andrepparttar 145863 embarrassment would devastate him. If so exposed, by trying to “save face“, he would deeply hurt his wife, as she realizes thatrepparttar 145864 method of their meeting could be construed as shameful. As you might understand, this type of situation would be very depressing and demoralizing for her.

If you are interested in a Russian women, you need to think how she is going to handlerepparttar 145865 situation when she discovers thatrepparttar 145866 name “ mail order bride”, was not only a part of early American history but that ridiculous and insulting term is part ofrepparttar 145867 21 century and most shockingly, part of HER OWN life!

PS: During Halloween, few stores stocked a new type of costume–the mail-order bride wedding dress, replete with postage stamps and postmarks. “RETURN TO SENDER" written towards top.


Funny ?

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Staying safe from crime

Written by Scott Shaper

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Another thing you can do is learn about criminal behavior.  They are studying you, so why don't you study them.  Understanding how criminals think and what they look for is an excellent way that you can avoid them.  I wrote an article titled "Six Common Criminal Types and How to avoid them " which, is a short but interesting look atrepparttar different types of criminals and what they look for.  Of course my book covers this in more detail butrepparttar 145387 article is a good start. 

Finally there is an easy little trick that very few people know about or do.  I call it "Mental Role Playing.  " What is mental role playing? It is imagining an event and playing out in your mind how you would handle it.  For example say you are concerned about what you would do if someone entered your home.  Well play that scenario out in your mind.  Think about what this person looks like, how many there are, what time of day or night it is, who is home with you, make it as detailed as possible.  Then think through, what you would do, how would you handle it.  In my book I cover mental role playing more in depth.  However this should give you a good idea of what I am talking about. 

Of course there are other things you can do.  However to cover all that would be much longer than an article it would be more like a book.  And, that is exactly what I have written.  You can check it out, along with all my articles at

Scott Shaper is former Police Officer and the author of the book Crime Awareness 101. He has also written numerous articles about crime / crime prevention. His website can be found at

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