Run a Profitable Google Adwords Pay Per Click Campaign

Written by Michael Lawrence

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You don't have to accept these outrageous suggestions of course so your first big money saver is to lowerrepparttar max bid to something you find acceptable and enter it for all of your keywords.

Please note Google's system will not charge you this full amount unless someone else is willing to pay that much forrepparttar 149351 keyword. Leave this number set higher if you want to produce a lot of clicks quickly.

Over time you will learn which keywords are making you money and which one's are simply too competitive for your budget. Google's campaign tracking abilities in conjunction with other 3rd party ad tracking software can help you identify these profitable keywords and track your website visitors.

To make proper decisions you will need to gather as much data as you can on howrepparttar 149352 Adwords system works. Obviously, you won't have this data until you run a campaign or two which is why I suggest running your own Adwords Campaigns for a while to get familiar with their system.

Studyrepparttar 149353 stats provided by Google which are really quite good in conjunction with one or more 3rd party stats tracking packages.

You will start to notice trends inrepparttar 149354 numbers which will allow you to make more effective use of your time and money by bidding only onrepparttar 149355 keywords that are generating sales.

Analysis may also prompt you to tweak your site content if you notice a niche you want to start competing for (better yet start up another site or tier two web page on your site targeting that niche and remove these keywords fromrepparttar 149356 original campaign moving them into a new campaign pointing to your new content).

Google allows you to bid on 3 types of keyword matching options which immediately gives you three timesrepparttar 149357 keywords to bid on without any more brainstorming on your part.

Each matching option provides different results and should be managed on a keyword by keyword basis.

Google also provides two methods of displaying your ad on their network: content match listings and search network listings.

Effectively this allows yourepparttar 149358 potential to be noticed by:

1)anyone searching on Google's portal,

2) anyone searching portal sites that get their search results from Google,

3) anyone viewing a site displaying Google's ads that has content related torepparttar 149359 keywords you bid on.

4) anyone reading an email with content related to your keyword at Google's free email service.

That's a lot of options and a lot of potential exposure.Tweaking to findrepparttar 149360 right combination for your particular situation and spending requirements is something you simply have to do on an ongoing basis. I thinkrepparttar 149361 benefits are obvious to you by now.

A final word on costs. You may have noticed that I didn't use a lot of numbers in my discussion of campaign costs with Google. What I think I have illistrated is a Google campaign truly can cost as little or as much as you want it to.

Advantages ofrepparttar 149362 Google Adwords System

- Highly configurable system with an intuitive web-based interface.

- Reporting system is near realtime so you can tweak campaigns onrepparttar 149363 fly

- Since their system is web based you can access your account at any time.

- Good list of Free tools and guides (although third party tools may still be required)

- Rewards advertisers that pay attention to providing relevant content to their search clients not necessarilyrepparttar 149364 highest bidder. Get a better CTR and your ads are cheaper.

- Geo-targeting capabilities. Target by City, Country or display your ads Globally.

- Multiple ad delivery systems. Content and Search listings, Partner Network listings, Email.

- Multiple keyword matching options includingrepparttar 149365 ability to 'filter' keywords.

- Reasonable minimum startup cost of $5 with no monthly minimum spend requirements

- They have licensed their search results to several other large search engines improving your web site's exposure to people that don't use Google as their main search portal.

- Free ROI tracking tools.

- Minimum bid is a reasonable $0.05 USD.

Disadvantages ofrepparttar 149366 Google Adwords System

- Learning curve can cost you a lot of money.

- Notrepparttar 149367 most expensive PPC search engine but certainly more expensive than all other PPCs except Yahoo-Overture

- Click fraud is an unavoidable risk.

- Content matching system does not always deliverrepparttar 149368 same ROI as their search listings. If both ad delivery systems are enable for a particular campaignrepparttar 149369 content match results can lower your overall campaign CTR and get keywords disabled.

- Support system is email template driven. It can take you a few tries to getrepparttar 149370 information you REALLY need from Google's support.

- Interface does not indicate what your competitors are bidding, onlyrepparttar 149371 maximum bid for any particular keyword, makingrepparttar 149372 implementation of bidding strategies much more difficult.

Google Adwords Resources: Google Adwords Homepage


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Using Free For All Links Pages as an Effective Marketing Tool

Written by Michael Lawrence

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You will have to try several of these services (whose price and quality vary GREATLY, I repeat GREATLY) to findrepparttar quality one's.

My suggestion is to inspectrepparttar 149252 leads yourself when you are a new member with one of these services. You can often tell using common sense whetherrepparttar 149253 email addresses appear to be of quality or not. A lot of repeat emails, or repeat email sequences where they haverepparttar 149254 same name and just change a number onrepparttar 149255 end indicate they accept multiple posting from single individuals. While this can create an impressive lead count number to advertise to potential customers, obviously sending 50 messages to one person is not as effective as if you sent 50 to 50 (duh).

Reject vendors who do not generate results... it's too easy to give these guys chances since their services are all relatively inexpensive, but a little adds up in both your time and your money. You can be out $500 on your credit card pretty quickly when shopping for services online. Everybody has an addon, everybody has an upgrade etc.

Stick with a few good sources and try out a few new ones each month (until you reach a budget you are comfortable with). You will miss on a few inrepparttar 149256 beginning. BUDGET FOR THIS. You will feel better mentally and you will be more agressive marketing. You have to getrepparttar 149257 word out inrepparttar 149258 biggest way you can afford while making sure you are using services which provide value for your money. Inrepparttar 149259 endrepparttar 149260 service should make you more money than it costs. At $20 dollars a month one referral to any program you are in will pay forrepparttar 149261 service forrepparttar 149262 month so you can see that if you find those quality FFA vendors it's not hard to justify their expenditure.

Remember these FFA leads were once you posting to these pages. They don't know what you know yet. It's easy to get referrals for FFA programs from people posting to these pages. Well it's not easy to get them to open your email when there are quite a few others in there, but if they do and you enlighten them aboutrepparttar 149263 values of owning an FFA page they will probably sign up under you. Don't brow beat them. Point them to this article if you want, provide them with "education" not a commercial.

FFA Resources I recommend: - one of my favorite programs asrepparttar 149264 multiple mentions in my blog will attest to. 6000 strictly double opted in leads a month. Brianrepparttar 149265 Owner of Trafficwave is really commited to his membership and it shows. Great automated marketing. - Great leads and a premium lead option that gives you 2000 leads that only get emailed your ad..... PER DAY.


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