Rules Schmoolz

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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naturally, growing beautifully in my back yard. Like a lightbulb turning on, I realized what had happened. I had usedrepparttar front porch as my plant nursery, and Emma and Shauna had found some seeds I had not planted in one ofrepparttar 123868 rows of tiny pots. Nowrepparttar 123869 fruit of their play was showing up exactly where it was not suppposed to be! The rules say loud and clear, no veggies in withrepparttar 123870 flowers! So I replanted some ofrepparttar 123871 plants, moving them to their proper spaces inrepparttar 123872 backyard. I found that they lost a bit of oooomph inrepparttar 123873 process, though with love they recovered. I wondered, looking at them, if they would ever completely catch up. What would have happened if I decided that rules were contrary and of my own creation and YES! I could have allowed them to finishrepparttar 123874 season amongrepparttar 123875 flowers? I pondered this before I replanted any more veggies. I left a number of zucchini and cucumber to continue growing amidstrepparttar 123876 roses, pansies, daisies and ever growing sunflowers. Yesterday I was preparing to water and I saw something amazing. There, on one ofrepparttar 123877 zucchini plants was a huge yellow flower. It wasrepparttar 123878 size ofrepparttar 123879 flowers you see Hawaiian dancers wearing in their hair. Flowers. Inrepparttar 123880 vegetable garden. Vegetables. Inrepparttar 123881 flower garden. I smiled. What a lesson. I held tight torepparttar 123882 guideline of honor, respect and loving my plants. I added some flowers to my vegetable garden and letrepparttar 123883 vegetables in repparttar 123884 front garden simply be. I so enjoy being withrepparttar 123885 vast array and abundance of plant life that surrounds me in both my front and back yards. Rules, schmoolz.

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How To Discover The Hidden Knowledge Inside Of You

Written by Dien Rice

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Instead of talking about myself, let me tell you about a good friend of mine. He's a very talented fellow - he playsrepparttar guitar and has also written what I think is a very good movie script, which I hope one day gets made. But another thing which interests me is that this friend of mine has traveled a LOT.

He's been a "backpacker" - traveling from country to country - for about 10 years, mostly working as a waiter inrepparttar 123867 various locations. He's ready to settle down now - I think! But he's lived all over Europe, Asia, and Australia (he's originally from Canada).

I've told him that many people would find it interesting to read about his experiences. This is a lifestyle that many people wonder about, but, due to circumstances, never get to try. I know that I would find it very interesting! However, he questions whether people would really be interested in this, even though his traveling experiences are unique and beyondrepparttar 123868 experiences of most of us.

Many of us are like that. We have unique experiences and knowledge, yet because we are so close to what we know, we don't realize how interesting and useful it could be to other people who have never had those experiences!

You have some very interesting and useful knowledge lurking inside of you. To find it, start searching for it.

Just like looking forrepparttar 123869 shapes inrepparttar 123870 clouds - you don't see them until you start to look...

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