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Written by Dan Cottrell, Editor of Rugby Coach Newsletter

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Different balls

And one should not just think of different rugby balls, but also try using tennis balls (see issue 10), footballs (have you ever tried spinning one of these?) or even beach balls. All could add an element of fun, if not enhance your players understanding of ball handling.

Resistance running and passing

Resistance running is where another player holds onto a player’s shirt or shorts as they try to run forward. The idea is to letrepparttar player make some progress but making them work significantly harder than they would do normally. Have you tried this technique with ball handing? Players do not always haverepparttar 148060 luxury of passing unhindered.

Cones as distracters

In passing drills, make a player carry a cone in one hand. They are allowed to userepparttar 148061 cone and other hand to catchrepparttar 148062 ball, but they must release or passrepparttar 148063 ball usingrepparttar 148064 hand withoutrepparttar 148065 cone. Once they have made right hand passes, then get them to change hands. Move on to getting players to take passes one-handed – replicatingrepparttar 148066 times inrepparttar 148067 game when they need to take contact withrepparttar 148068 other arm. One handed pass to one-handed catcher is not going to moverepparttar 148069 ball quickly acrossrepparttar 148070 field, but it might be very useful in a tight situation. For more articles on Rugby Coaching or to sign up for a free Rugby Coaching newsletter please visit

Dan Cottrell is the Editor and founder of Rugby Coach and has experienced rugby coaching at most levels. Dan qualified as an RFU rugby coach in 1997, he has worked with Jack Rowell (former England coach) Brian Ashton (former Ireland coach)and at Bristol, with Dave Alred, famously known as Jonny Wilkinson’s kicking coach.

How To Use Exercise For Golf To Strengthen Your Swing

Written by Mike Pedersen

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I can’t tell you how many golfers (thousands) have emailed me telling me their amazing improvements in power, distance and accuracy from using exercise for golf to strengthen their swing.

It’s a very simple approach that won’t leave you sweating like a pig and spending hours upon hours in your gym. In fact…you don’t need a gym to dorepparttar kind of golf training I’m talking about.

Withrepparttar 148030 above golf training equipment, you can do a simple golf exercise program in less than 30 minutes “in your home”. Now that’s time-savings and even financial savings not having to keep up a gym membership.

The premise of using exercise golf golf to strengthen your swing is one that warrants quick results with a minimal time requirement.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness experts in the country, author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Take a look at his just released golf fitness dvds at his golf training site - Perform Better Golf.

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