Rubber Stamps and Scrapbooking Keep Kids Busy with Crafts This Summer

Written by Robb Ksiazek

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Incorporating relevant rubber stamps intorepparttar scrapbook will makerepparttar 149418 project to another level. Personalizing you memories is what will make your scrapbook different from allrepparttar 149419 rest. There are rubber stamp ideas for any theme that you can think of. Baseball stamps help you preserverepparttar 149420 ballgame memories, while fish rubber stamps will aid inrepparttar 149421 conservation of fishing trip memoirs.

Stamping is a hobby that can be enjoyed by all ages for allrepparttar 149422 years to come. Whether you are creating scrapbooks for photo memories, specialty envelopes for a cocktail party, or crafts forrepparttar 149423 grandkids. Getting your children involved in stamps and other fun hobbies will not only be fun for rainy days, but will a hobby that they can take with them forrepparttar 149424 rest of their lives.

Crafting teaches patience, problem solving, and determination. Working with your hands is not something that can be taught, it must be learned through trial and error. There are not many things thatrepparttar 149425 whole family can enjoy, but stamping and crafting is fun for all.

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5 Reasons to Organize Your Home Today

Written by Karen Fritscher-Porter

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SAVE MONEY - How many spatulas and wooden spoons do you have in your kitchen? What about screw drivers or other hand tools? Do you have duplicate items because you forgot you already had one? Ever boughtrepparttar same book or magazine twice becauserepparttar 149416 ones you had weren't visible in that huge pile? Home organization means fewer purchases of duplicate items by everyone inrepparttar 149417 household. You won't come home with another something you already have because you forgot where you putrepparttar 149418 first one. And neither will your spouse because he didn't know your family had one inrepparttar 149419 first place.

IT'LL LOOK GREAT - A good home organization system implemented with some surface cleaning (for example, dusting and vacuumingrepparttar 149420 common areas) often gives guests a great first impression of your home. They seerepparttar 149421 exterior ofrepparttar 149422 shell, a view that says "neat and clean"---even if a true "finger test" in an obscure location would spill some dirty secrets (like dust). If you enjoy entertaining in your home, then this is probablyrepparttar 149423 best reason to organize your home. In fact, throwing a party can be both your incentive and your reward to start organizing your home today.

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