Round Pen: The Great Equalizer

Written by Jeffrey Rolo

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Even worse, as a colt develops into a mature stallion they often can become very "nippy." This one was no different at first. Just as he did with his mother, he would sneak tiny bites and nips when you weren't watching, and although there wasn't mean intent behind them let's face it – they hurt!

Anytime a horse strikes at you (and a nip should be considered a strike) it's important that you retaliate with conviction so they think twice about doing so again. But when I would give this colt a fairly light slap he would almost smirk to himself and try to nip me again! Was he being mean-spirited? No! This colt grew up with no significant discipline from his mother and no fear of humans – we imprinted him from birth and thus he trusted us. Since he did not fear me, he thought I was engaging in some horseplay as any other colt would do.

A slap, as harsh as it sounds to us, is not always about force. It generally does not cause a horse much pain, but rather it is intended as a shock technique for a horse that already recognizes you as an alpha. Since this colt saw me as a playmate and equal, he possessed no fear of my slaps – my choice was to either escalaterepparttar physical force (which is generally not my first choice) or establish my dominance in a gentle way viarepparttar 125736 round pen.

Once I established that slaps or verbal growls would not have any effect on this colt, anytime he would nip at me or try my patience with his rebellious ways we would march straight torepparttar 125737 round pen or enclosed paddock. While this colt foundrepparttar 125738 notion amusing forrepparttar 125739 first five minutes or so, eventuallyrepparttar 125740 round pen will drainrepparttar 125741 "oats" from nearly any horse and he was no different.

With consistent round pen work, this colt soon learned that I wasn't a simple playmate – I was his leader. Although we could still enjoy each other's company, it had to be on terms that were agreeable torepparttar 125742 both of us (no more black and blues!). Due to consistent round pen work,repparttar 125743 leading, nipping and general disrespect issues became a thing ofrepparttar 125744 past.

I hope my example of this young colt showedrepparttar 125745 folly of depending upon physical force to achieve your goals – "outgunning" a horse is not easy, practical or desirable. Never accept poor behavior and do not feel your authority is measured solely by your raw strength; both are mistakes that are all too commonly committed by horse owners. Instead considerrepparttar 125746 use of a round pen (or in a pinch you can use a longe line) and find out how easy training and discipline can be when usingrepparttar 125747 Great Equalizer.

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Who is the Gourmet? You or Your Dog?

Written by Renée Alexandrea

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Dogs become finicky when they are given too great a variety and by overfeeding. I’m not surprise that at this stage, they may already have weight and health issues to add to their existing dilemma. If you do change foods, do it gradually by adding a bit of new food each day torepparttar old food. The reason for this is thatrepparttar 125735 digestive flora gets used to one food and a rapid change can cause diarrhea and digestive upsets. If you choose a high quality food, there is really no need for vitamin supplementation. You will pay more for premium dog food, but you will use less because a small feeding amount has more nutrients and is more thoroughly digested.

And if you should decide on home cooked meals instead, just remember that you should depart from a “complete and balanced” pet diet in favor of a more specialized program. These reasons may include age, disease, or even stress.

A good rule of thumb to apply to your dog’s diet system is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And with this notion, your pooch will soon know you are trulyrepparttar 125736 Gourmet—The Boss.

Renée Alexandrea—a former professional show-dog handler, breeder and volunteer at animal shelters. She has written numerous articles from dog behavioural problems to dog party themes. Get a Free copy of her “21 ways of Budgeting Tips & Thrifty Ideas” ebook at Spend Less and Pamper More.

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