Roulette - How to Bet

Written by Tom McBroom

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To make a bet, simply place however many chips you wish on that number, or onrepparttar outside bets. If someone else already has a bet on your number, simply place your chip on top. You can place bets even whilerepparttar 138591 wheel is spinning, up untilrepparttar 138592 timerepparttar 138593 dealer calls "no more bets" or waves his hand overrepparttar 138594 table.

Oncerepparttar 138595 ball has landed in a slot,repparttar 138596 dealer calls outrepparttar 138597 number and color, places a marker on that number onrepparttar 138598 betting table, and pays offrepparttar 138599 winners. Be sure to take your winning chips offrepparttar 138600 table if you don't want to let them ride onrepparttar 138601 next spin.

That's all there is to it! There is no thinking required, other than deciding which bet you want to make, and you can place your bets with your eyes closed and still haverepparttar 138602 same odds of winning.

Good Luck!

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Roulette - The Basics

Written by Tom McBroom

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* The individual numbers: you can bet on 1 number, 2 numbers, as many as you like

* The three marked columns of 12 numbers each

* The 1st Dozen, 2nd Dozen, or 3rd Dozen

* The high numbers, indicated onrepparttar table as 1-18

* The low numbers, indicated onrepparttar 138590 table as 19-36

* Even Numbers or Odd Numbers

* Red Numbers or Black Numbers (note that this excludesrepparttar 138591 0 and 00)

Here arerepparttar 138592 odds paid onrepparttar 138593 various bets:

* Individual numbers pay 35

* The 12 number columns pays 2 to 1

* The Dozens pays 2 to 1

* The high numbers and low numbers pay even money

* The even and odd numbers pay even money

* The red and black numbers pay even money

Important Note About Odds in Roulette: All bets have exactlyrepparttar 138594 same house edge against you: 5.26%! That's right - it makes no difference which bet you make,repparttar 138595 house edge isrepparttar 138596 same.

This is due torepparttar 138597 presence ofrepparttar 138598 0 and double 00. These numbers do not win for any bet except for if you bet them as a number. In other words, they do not count for high, low, odd, oven, red or black,repparttar 138599 dozens orrepparttar 138600 rows of 12 numbers.

Since these two out ofrepparttar 138601 38 numbers don't count except as a number, this is what gives repparttar 138602 house it's 5.26% edge. (2 divided by 38 equals 5.26%). Also, a winning on a single number pays 35 to 1, while there are 38 numbers onrepparttar 138603 table, which again givesrepparttar 138604 house it's 5.26% edge.

You cannot overcome this edge inrepparttar 138605 long run, so just relax and place whatever bets seem interesting to you (although we do have a recommended betting strategy, which we explain in a different article).

Good luck!

Tom is the webmaster at, which is a website dedicated to turning beginning Blackjack players into serious recreational players.

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