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Written by Alison Kramer

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Carolina. Founded in 1990,repparttar firm is dedicated to providing individual growth and support to couples seeking divorce by helping them move forward with their lives. Our staff of attorneys, accountants, and specially trained divorce coaches expertly addressrepparttar 143106 complex issues of ending a marriage. Our innovative approach acknowledges that divorce is so much more than just a legal matter. Specialties include child custody, alimony, property distribution, separation agreements, and domestic violence relief.

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Contracts: Don't pick up your Pencil ...

Written by Ellen Zucker

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The same is true if you are feeling squeezed by your client to push more and more out of you before he commits to you - if he commits to you.

It is not unknown for a less than scrupulous client to milk an artist for his concepts and ideas, then turn around and haverepparttar work done by someone else.

You may invest a lot of time without receiving a penny. Without a signed contract, you have little recourse.

In fact, in many ways, your experience negotiatingrepparttar 143105 contract is an indicator ofrepparttar 143106 overall experience you can look forward to with that client.

There is another benefit to having a signed contract.

The process of negotiating a contract requires thatrepparttar 143107 parties come to an agreement torepparttar 143108 terms ofrepparttar 143109 transaction. If you do this properly you will address various contingencies that may arise. That process alone will nip many potential problems inrepparttar 143110 bud.

Hence, you are well advised to have a signed contract in hand before picking up your pencil.

Ellen Zucker has been self-employed for over 10 years.

Her site,, has articles and resources to help the creative sole-proprietor make a living and create a life.

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