Announces the Top Ten Most Searched States for Hotel Discounts in 2005

Written by Jackie Moniot

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Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, is part of Trader Electronic Media's family of over 15 high-traffic websites, which receive millions of visitors each week. The sites cover virtually every used vehicle and general merchandise category, including apartments, homes, employment and hotel lodging. Trader Electronic Media is a division of Trader Publishing Company,repparttar nationís largest distributor of photo-classified ad publications. For more information about, call toll-free 866-305-3840 or visit

Jackie Moniot is the Marketing Manager for, a division of Trader Publishing Company, the nation's largest distributor of photo-classified ad publications.

Who Else Wants To Sleep Great While Away From Home?

Written by Annastasia Rizzo

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If you are traveling as a tourist then it is probably important to you that you find a hotel that is located close torepparttar attractions. Many of these offer promotions and discounts torepparttar 144341 surrounding attractions as a means to attract and encourage additional business. By researching your hotel options before arriving - perhaps usingrepparttar 144342 Internet, you can save yourself both money and time - both of which you will need for your vacation.

Travelers can find a hotel overrepparttar 144343 web, throughrepparttar 144344 newspaper, in magazines, or by making contact with a travel agent. Depending onrepparttar 144345 age and interests ofrepparttar 144346 traveler,repparttar 144347 hotel they choose can vary. Many people select to stay in a hotel that is located close torepparttar 144348 airport, or torepparttar 144349 city's attractions such as shopping centers. This means thatrepparttar 144350 traveler can sometimes avoid renting a car if they find a hotel in a central location. Cities with public transportation also make this easier. Depending onrepparttar 144351 traveler~s budget, they can find a hotel with wonderful accommodations in great tourist spots. Preparing ahead of time helps to guaranteerepparttar 144352 best rates and available options forrepparttar 144353 ultimate trip.

The author is an avid traveler and has found a few simple rules that will make your travels a breeze.

Annastasia Rizzo is founder of All About Hotels an excellent resource site dedicated to information on hotels

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