Rooftop deck makeover

Written by Malcolm Kay

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The plastic bases of these tiles have multiple “feet” which distribute any load evenly overrepparttar surface below. A geotextile could be laid underrepparttar 145234 tiles as an extra precaution against membrane damage or ifrepparttar 145235 building owner required extra assurance, if required.

Some manufacturers produce tiles in a variety of different designs, so it is possible to create borders, centerpieces, feature areas etc. to suit your individual preference.

As well asrepparttar 145236 wood tiles, a select range of ceramic interlocking tiles are also now available which gives much more opportunity for creativity in designingrepparttar 145237 total rooftop landscape. These tiles are designed to interlock precisely torepparttar 145238 wood tiles, so for example you could have a dining area paved inrepparttar 145239 ceramic tiles where tables and chairs are situated, surrounded by wood tiles. If possible, try to dividerepparttar 145240 area into “rooms” by using a row of tubs with bushy plants, some trellis, modular fencing etc. Withrepparttar 145241 addition of some large pots, attractive plants, and maybe a few favorite pieces of sculpture in strategic spots, that forsaken roof top can easily become an attractive and useful relaxing an entertaining area.

Malcolm Kay is the CEO of Intex Pacific Pty. Ltd. an exporter of landscape materials including modular decking tiles. For further information see

The Truth About Honda Pressure Washers

Written by Randall Madon

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She took it torepparttar store authorized service center only to be notified that it was out of warranty and could not be repaired anyway. Needless to say she was furious,after all this was a Honda pressure washer!!

She went on to say thatrepparttar 145233 only reason she purchased it was because it had a Honda engine which implied quality.

The name Honda does not imply a quality pressure washer, it only implies a quality engine. There are many ways a manufacturer can lessen quality to achieve a price point thatrepparttar 145234 superstore will be willing to market. The good news is that "spotting this ploy is not rocket science" and you can get quality advice at this website.

I believe it's an excellent choice when you choose Honda but please remember a pressure washer is more than just a power source.

Randall Madon is the founder and president of ATT Pressure Supply along with a new educational resource site Learn More

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