Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Written by Mary Anne Hahn

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That's not such a bad thing, though. Homecooked meals still taste better than six-minute frozen entrees. You see much more ofrepparttar world when you walk, or throughrepparttar 129590 windows of an automobile, than you do from a height of 20,000 feet. Similarly,repparttar 129591 satisfaction you will derive from a career cultivated on patience and perseverance will run much deeper and last much longer than if you could just add water and become an overnight success.

No, Rome wasn't built in a day, thank goodness--look at how long it has survived. Keep that in mind as you work to establish your own writing foundation, one building block at a time.

Here's to your writing success!

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11 Tender Writing Sins ... Part One

Written by Kris Mills

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Discoveringrepparttar answers to these questions puts you one step closer to ensuring that your tender response hitsrepparttar 129588 buyer's hot buttons.

Sin no 2. Not addressingrepparttar 129589 "real", core needs

Quite often, what's written in tender documentation only tells halfrepparttar 129590 story. Either that or, it might be a comprehensive document, butrepparttar 129591 core hot buttons are buried within pages and pages of material and they're often easy to miss.

Unfortunately, many tender submissions missrepparttar 129592 point completely. They're completed in such a rush that they simply don't address repparttar 129593 "obvious" criteria, let alone,repparttar 129594 "read betweenrepparttar 129595 lines" stuff.

Having said this, Government tender documentation (especially) is so long that it is easy to forget an important element. The document will often include mandatory and desirable requirements, a Schedule of Particulars, Evaluation Criteria, Project Description, Government purchasing policy and regulations and a background and scope torepparttar 129596 project.

Usually, each of these areas reveals some priceless piece of information that you can then use in your document. Instead, many potential suppliers just fill outrepparttar 129597 Schedule of Particulars and addressrepparttar 129598 evaluation criteria, but not address any other points revealed inrepparttar 129599 background material.

The background material will address whatrepparttar 129600 potential supplier has been doing inrepparttar 129601 past, what their corporate policies and commitments are, and perhaps what their culture is. By showing how your product/service addresses this information, you'll have far greater impact.

The moral ofrepparttar 129602 story?

Readrepparttar 129603 document thoroughly and then read it again. When you're doing that, grab a highlighter and highlight any points that are important to address in your document. These points could appear anywhere withinrepparttar 129604 document. Not just inrepparttar 129605 product or evaluation criteria areas.

Then, when you've done that ask yourself "why". Why is this important to them? Then once you've discoveredrepparttar 129606 answer, ask "why" again, until you coverrepparttar 129607 real, core need.

Kris Mills of Words that Sell, is an experienced copywriter who has produced dozens of winning tenders and proposals for a wide range of clients. For more ideas on preparing winning tenders and proposals, visit

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