Rising Above the Average

Written by Laura Johnson

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SometimesÖ you just have to! You can rise aboverepparttar average when you realize that your life is not enough if you havenít stretched to reach for your dreams. If you canít giverepparttar 140573 amount of money to help others that you have always wanted, if you canít have that choice of making your living doing what is your lifeís purpose, if you canít do or have some ofrepparttar 140574 extraordinary, than there can be no contentment for you.

When an average person comes to this stage, they have to get committed inside themselves. They have to know that if they are going to have what is a successful life for themselves they are going to have to face that fear, take that challenge, figure out what is going to make them successful and create it.

Is it easy being average? Yes, actually it IS easy. Is it enough? Not for some of us and we have to set those goals, go pastrepparttar 140575 norm, challengerepparttar 140576 fear, and do whatever it takes. And as we continue to create that success and live our lifeís purpose; we WILL rise aboverepparttar 140577 average!

I started my first business teaching people self-esteem and motivation. It was an exciting business.I have trained 1000's of people on computer software and recorded about 200 training videos. I have always enjoyed public speaking and writing. I have worked with Orrin Hudson of BeSomeone.org in creating speeches and PowerPoint presentations for his charity. My passion is helping others reach their goals, define their dreams, and create their success!

Try These Strange Jobs

Written by Steve Gillman

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Furniture Tester

Now here's a good one. The La-z-Boy Company (and probably others) employs furniture testers to check out their recliners. Want to relax for a living?


You can herd, castrate and brand cattle. Then, when you get bored castrating cattle, you can repair fences, watering troughs and do other maintenance work onrepparttar ranch.

Alligator Wrangler

This is more of a dangerous job than a strange one, and probably not worthrepparttar 140365 pay, unless you get a T.V. show like repparttar 140366 The Crocodile Hunter.

This is just a small sampling ofrepparttar 140367 weird jobs out there. I understand that sumo-wrestlers need helpers inrepparttar 140368 bathroom, for example, and a friend of mine once had a job painting "Brake Release" on those little handles all day. Then there arerepparttar 140369 strange businesses you can start, but that's another story.

Steve Gillman has had an interest in all the many ways to make money since childhood. You can read about more strange businesses and jobs at his website: http://www.UnusualWaysToMakeMoney.com

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