Rise of American Patriotism on the Web

Written by Jim Wilkson

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If you would like to make your own patriotic Web site, you can sign-up for free at one ofrepparttar many free hosts like http://www.geocities.com, http://www.tripod.com or http://www.bravenet.com to name only a few.

Individuals are not alone onrepparttar 140927 patriotic World Wide Web. Many businesses have taken torepparttar 140928 Web to offer a wide variety of patriotic American gifts and products. Everything from patriotic t-shirts to home decorations is available online today. I have sampled a few online patriotic stores and here are my top picks: http://www.patriot-mall.com - This appropriately titled site offers a bit of everything including clothes, jewelry, decorations and party supplies. James Mindor,repparttar 140929 sites owner had this to say: "We have seen a steady increase in traffic and sales since our opening ten months ago. The appetite for American patriotic merchandise is strong and very active online. The response to our site has been fantastic!" Second was http://www.politicalgifts.com. This site has a much more political feel than http://www.patriot-mall.com but it has some very cool merchandise. Last in my top three is http://www.promowebsite.com/usa-items.htm. They sell more promotional items but they are unmistakably patriotic.

To quote James Mindor from http://www.patriot-mall.com: "Americans are extremely proud and vocal about patriotism. Some of us come from oppressive backgrounds. The Internet isrepparttar 140930 perfect venue for patriotism and patriotic gestures. It is free of oppression and loves freedom"

To answer my own question: "Withrepparttar 140931 World Wide Web being just that - world wide, why is it then that there is so much content onrepparttar 140932 Internet related to American Patriotism?" We as Americans have always been vocal in our defence of our liberties and values. The Internet is an especially fertile place forrepparttar 140933 planting of personal ideals andrepparttar 140934 expressing of personal pride in country. I believe that as a direct result of our democratic ideals, we have been blessed withrepparttar 140935 tools, time and freedom to put our hearts and minds onrepparttar 140936 Internet for all to read.

Jim Wilkson is a born again patriot living and writing in Northern Washington State.

Phishing: An Interesting Twist On A Common Scam

Written by Darren Miller

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You remember that router that was compromised? For proof of concept purposes,repparttar router configuration was altered to forward all Internet traffic bound forrepparttar 140842 legitimate web server, to another web server where user ID, password, and account information could be collected. The first time this information was entered,repparttar 140843 customer would receive an ambiguous error. The second timerepparttar 140844 page loaded,repparttar 140845 fake web server redirectedrepparttar 140846 customer torepparttar 140847 real site. When repparttar 140848 user re-enteredrepparttar 140849 requested information, everything worked just fine.

No one, notrepparttar 140850 customer, norrepparttar 140851 company had any idea that something nefarious was going on. No bells or whistle went off, no one questionedrepparttar 140852 error. Why would they, they could have putrepparttar 140853 wrong password in, or it was likely a typical error on a web page that everyone deals with from time to time.

At this point, you can let your imagination take over. The attacker may not move forward and userepparttar 140854 information collected right away. It could be days or weeks before it is used. Any trace of what actually took place to collectrepparttar 140855 information would most likely be history.

What Do You Really Get Out Of Security Assessments


I can't tell you how many times I've been presented with security assessment reports that are pretty much information output from an off-the-shelf or open source automated security analyzer. Although an attacker may userepparttar 140856 same or similar tools during an attack, they do not solely rely on this information to reach their goal. An effective penetration test or security assessment must be performed by someone who understands not only "security vulnerabilities" and how to run off-the-shelf tools. The person executingrepparttar 140857 assessment must do so armed withrepparttar 140858 tools and experience that meets or exceeds those a potential attacker would have.



Whether you are a small, medium, are large company, you must be very careful about who you decide is most qualified to perform a review of your company's security defense systems, or security profile. Just because an organization presents you with credentials, such as consultants with their CISSP....., it does not mean these people have any real-world experience. Allrepparttar 140859 certifications inrepparttar 140860 world cannot assure yourepparttar 140861 results you receive from engaging in a security assessment are thorough / complete. Getting a second opinion is appropriate given what may be at stake. If you were not feeling well, and knew that something was wrong with you, would you settle for just one Doctor's opinion?

Quite frankly, I've never met a hacker (I know I will get slammed for using this term, I always do), that has a certification stating that they know what they are doing. They know what they are doing because they've done it, over and over again, and have a complete understanding of network systems and software. On top of that,repparttar 140862 one thing they have that no class or certification can teach you is, imagination.

About The Author ---------------- Darren Miller is an Information Security Consultant with over sixteen years experience. He has written many technology & security articles, some of which have been published in nationally circulated magazines & periodicals. If you would like to know more about computer security please visitus at http://www.defendingthenet.com.

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