Rise, Knight...Slay The Dragons In Your Path...Then Claim The Golden Crown

Written by Gabriel Daniels

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Letrepparttar glowing crown (your dream) inrepparttar 141415 distance inspire you to persist with courage and determination.

And when each dragon tries to breathe fire on you, simply use your shield to protect yourself. Imagine yourself being invincible as you continue to walk towardsrepparttar 141416 brightly shining crown. Even though you feel intense heat all around you because ofrepparttar 141417 fire coming fromrepparttar 141418 dragons, it doesn't bother you or make you retreat. You simply keep moving forward...withrepparttar 141419 confidence and conviction that nothing can get in your way.

Remember, you are a knight with absolute courage and unshakeable resolve. You are determined to get what you want...and absolutely nothing can stop you! In fact, nothing will stop you! The golden crown is as good as yours.

(Tip: As each dragon comes before you, you can label/name each one as a particular fear you may have. For example, as you look atrepparttar 141420 dragon before you, you can say, “Come on, rejection, let's see what you've got.” Then without hesitation, strikerepparttar 141421 dragon with a quick swing of your sword...“POOF”...smithereens...like it was nothing. Or if a voice keeps playing in your head, telling you that you won't succeed because you're simply not good enough, bravely meetrepparttar 141422 dragon flying towards you and say, “You think you can stop me, negative critic? Well, you're wrong! Take this!” Then drive your sword intorepparttar 141423 dragon's body...“POOF”...smithereens. And continue to do this with each of your fears.)

Then after you've slain allrepparttar 141424 dragons, walk up torepparttar 141425 golden crown and reach for it. Claim it. Hold it proudly with both hands and place it firmly on your head...knowing you deserve it. And as you do that, smile and experiencerepparttar 141426 great feeling of victory.

Do this regularly or whenever you find all kinds of doubts, fears, worries, etc., creeping in. Then you will notice a difference in your attitude towards them...inrepparttar 141427 real world. You will feel like nothing can get in your way as you pursue your dreams.

So, now, I say to you, “Rise, knight. Slayrepparttar 141428 dragons in your path. Then claimrepparttar 141429 golden crown.”

Gabriel Daniels publishes Confidence & Courage Tips...To Help You Realize Your Dreams. For tips, strategies, stories, quotes, and more...to inspire and empower you to take action...so you can get what you want out of life, visit his website at: http://confidencetips.blogspot.com (For article reprint details, please check the website's License Information section.)

Self Confidence

Written by Jim Sullivan

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This is atrepparttar heart of real confidence :repparttar 141347 ability to remain true to those values which you hold dear. A balanced, self-confident person isrepparttar 141348 same in any company. The presence of high status individuals, or low status individuals, does not significantly change their responses or outward displays. A truly self confident person knows what they believe and can remain comfortable expressing their beliefs regardless ofrepparttar 141349 prevailing fashion.

Is this you? Do you feel comfortable expressing yourself in a group, with people from all strata of society? We all fall short ofrepparttar 141350 ideal, in this as in other aspects of our lives, but it is comforting to know that self confidence can be developed and nurtured.

Many thousands of people have takenrepparttar 141351 Confidence Club questionnaire, which profiles a person’s strengths and weaknesses against 5 different dimensions of confidence. The questionnaire can be found here : http://www.confidenceclub.net/process/questionnaire.php

If you have ever found yourself wondering why your confidence seems to desert you in certain circumstances, takerepparttar 141352 questionnaire and find out precisely where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You may be surprised by what you can learn about yourself.

Jim Sullivan is a hypnotherapist and confidence coach. He may be contacted via Confidence Club : www.confidenceclub.net

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