Rider Burnout

Written by Bill Dunigan

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Once an individual starts competing, things change. At that moment you are thrust into a world of professionalism. It's tough out there. Thenrepparttar real costs kick in. It's very difficult for someone to justifyrepparttar 138208 enormous expenses incurred by showing without some real measured level of success. These are simplyrepparttar 138209 cold hard facts.

What I am advocating is a return to those things that first held our interest. I do not feel it is necessary to abandonrepparttar 138210 interest in a particular discipline. Instead, think of it as adding to, expanding, or enhancing your fundamental interest in horses and riding. Don't allow yourself to become so absorbed by something torepparttar 138211 exclusion of everything else. We must protect ourselves from becoming burned out by overkill.

Enjoy torepparttar 138212 fullest those aspects of riding that really hold your interest, but maintain a balance. That balance isrepparttar 138213 key. Remember,repparttar 138214 more you limit yourself,repparttar 138215 soonerrepparttar 138216 decline will begin. I don't mean to suggest that we are all domed, I am merely trying to bring your attention to a possibility which could arise for some, if we as a group do not address it.

I would suggest that we look for opportunities to expand our activities rather than limit them. Suggest that trail ride, get a group together and go watch a show in a completely different discipline, not to criticize but to learn, find one of those stable tours. I think you getrepparttar 138217 idea. Start expanding your exposure and take along some friends and most of all relax, learn, and enjoy.

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Bill Dunigan has been teaching and competing in excess of 40 years. He has taught and competed in Barrel Racing, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing, Dressage and served as President of a local Dressage Association. During this time, he Fox Hunted four days a week with two different Hunt clubs, one of which he served as Joint Master. Bill qualified six years in a row for the World Championships with the National Barrel Horse Association.


Written by NLCATFISH

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Nuggets From A Cincinnati Catfish Guide

I attended a seminarrepparttar other week by a local professional catfish guide. This guide

worksrepparttar 138184 Ohio River about 15 miles above and below Cincinnati. His information relates to

catfishing on bigger rivers such asrepparttar 138185 Ohio.

The fishing spot he takes his clients fishing depends onrepparttar 138186 amount of current inrepparttar 138187

river. The pool stage forrepparttar 138188 Ohio at Cincinnati is 26.6 feet. According to him whenrepparttar 138189

river is in pool than catfishing is very poor. He prefersrepparttar 138190 river to be inrepparttar 138191 27 to 28

feet range with some current forrepparttar 138192 best fishing action. Once repparttar 138193 river gets above 30 feet

thenrepparttar 138194 current is too strong for good fishing.

When there is some current he prefers to bait with fresh cut bait. The current allowsrepparttar 138195

scent trail to spread all over torepparttar 138196 catfish. In low or no current conditions he uses live

bait. The vibrations ofrepparttar 138197 live bait will be pickup byrepparttar 138198 catfish in quite waters. Skipjacks arerepparttar 138199 bait fish he prefers for they have a very oily body that produces a

excellent scent trail. The big problem is locatingrepparttar 138200 skipjacks to use as bait. Normally

you just have to fish forrepparttar 138201 skipjacks and load up a small cooler. Then get home and bag

them for a freezer. Shad are much easier to locate and to catch for a fishing trip. Once a

school is spotted just throw out your casting net. He normally makes a couple casts and

has his large live well loaded for his client’s trip.

He uses a simple rig of, main line 30 pound mono, 2-4 ounces of sinker, tied to a mono

leader of 50 pound test. He prefers a 6/0 to 8/0 octopus circle style hooks. He has FLAT

sinker which are great, however they are hard to come by around here.

According to himrepparttar 138202 catfish will be found in 30 feet or deeper holes,repparttar 138203 Garr and other

fish usually do not stay in water that deep. Flatheads are home bodies; hang tight to

structure such as sunken barges, boulders, and sunken trees. Blue cats like cooler water,

stronger current and will suspend.

The action for cats picks up whenrepparttar 138204 water temperature is in repparttar 138205 68-70 degree range. The

day time temperatures are much higher inrepparttar 138206 summer around here. Duringrepparttar 138207 summer months,

the local pleasure boats forces you to fish at night or early morning around downtown


He does watch his depth finder for any big changes onrepparttar 138208 river bottom. To him any sudden

change in depth is what he will check out. He really does not depend on marking fish. Since

he has spent so many hours on this section ofrepparttar 138209 Ohio River he already knows nearly allrepparttar 138210

honey holes. He does suggest only checking outrepparttar 138211 area ofrepparttar 138212 river between New Richmond

and North Bend Ohio. Along that stretch of river pay special attention to outside bends of

the river. If there is a local heavy rain, checkrepparttar 138213 storm sewers that flow intorepparttar 138214 river.

That stuff washing intorepparttar 138215 river sets off a dinner bell response to catfish, and they put

onrepparttar 138216 feed bag.

Hopefully, these nuggets of information from a professional catfish guide will put more and

bigger catfish atrepparttar 138217 other end of your line this season. Tight lines to all.

nlcatfish@fuse.net webmaster for Cincinnati Catfishing www.cincinnaticatfishing.com AND SHOP WITHOUT DROPPING www.cincinnaticatfishing.com/Shop1.html Over700Bargings4YOU www.bargins4tightbudgets.com

Have been catfishing around the Downtown Cincinnati area of the Ohio River for over 40 years. Gone catfishing at Lockport 5 times over the past 10 years. It is the greastest place to catch lots of huge CHANNEL catsfish in North America!!

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