Rid Your Garden of Slugs

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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Under ideal conditions, chemical baits, containing metaldehyde, can be somewhat effective because this aldehyde paralyzesrepparttar slugs and they eventually die from dehydration. However, under cool and wet conditions when slugs are most active and troublesome, they can often recover. And these chemicals are poisonous to cats, dogs, birds and curious children.

Biological control provides an attractive alternative to traditional control practices. Nematodes possess exceptional potential as biocontrol agents for pest slugs.

In Europe, a product as been successfully developed from Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita, that is effective against a wide variety of pest slug and snail species and it targets only slugs and snails.

It would be a perfect solution for introduction intorepparttar 113347 US but there are no published records of P. hermaphrodita occurrence inrepparttar 113348 US. Thus, regulatory issues prohibit it's introduction and marketing inrepparttar 113349 US.

Slugs do play a positive role inrepparttar 113350 environment. Because slugs are also scavengers eating decaying vegetation, animal feces, and carrion they help in breaking down decomposing materials thus helping to release nutrients back intorepparttar 113351 soil.

Slugs are night feeders so night traps and beer traps arerepparttar 113352 best ways to catch and trap them. But there are many other methods proven successful. One includes a very common, but not well known, ingredient.

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Pruning Roses

Written by Ken Austin

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  • Get rid of all remaining leaves. This will allow for new leaf growth and prevent fungus infections fromrepparttar old ones.

  • The next step in pruning your roses is to take a wire brush and scrub offrepparttar 113346 woody material onrepparttar 113347 bud union. Be careful to avoid brushing off any new bud eyes. This is also supposed to stimulate and provide room for new canes fromrepparttar 113348 bud union.

  • Finally, finish your rose pruning by cleaning up allrepparttar 113349 dead stuff you’ve cut away. Get rid of allrepparttar 113350 old petals and pullrepparttar 113351 weeds from aroundrepparttar 113352 rose bush. This will help to eliminate fungus and insect problems. Finish up by placing new mulch aroundrepparttar 113353 rose bushes.
  • There you have it! Pruning your roses in 8 easy steps!

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