Review of "Dora the Explorer - Dora's Ultimate Adventure Collection" DVD set

Written by Sherri Allen

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City of Lost Toys containsrepparttar following stories: The Lost City: Dora and Boots journey allrepparttar 110038 way torepparttar 110039 Lost City to find Dora's missing teddy bear. Lost Squeaky: Boots loses his favorite toy. Dora and Boots rush to recover it before it's too late. Berry Hunt: Dora and Boots find their thrill on Blueberry Hill when they venture torepparttar 110040 home of sneaky Swiperrepparttar 110041 Fox in search of yummy blueberries. Sticky Tape: Bennyrepparttar 110042 Bull's hot air balloon ride becomes a chase as Dora and Boots hurry to save him.

The stories in "Dora's Ultimate Adventure Collection" are both entertaining and educational. Preschoolers loverepparttar 110043 characters andrepparttar 110044 adventures. They love howrepparttar 110045 characters invite them to participate inrepparttar 110046 action. They are proud ofrepparttar 110047 fact they have a hand in Dora and Boots accomplishing their goals, whether it's finding Dora's lost teddy bear, reuniting Mary with her little lamb or just going home. They love learning a few Spanish words, which fosters their curiousity about and acceptance of other cultures. They love learning sequencing and logic skills, even though they don't have any idea that is what they are doing.

In addition torepparttar 110048 stories,repparttar 110049 DVDs in "Dora's Ultimate Adventure Collection" contain special features. A riddle game and a couple flash card games provide interactive fun. There are also two short episodes from Noggin's Oobi for added entertainment.

Perfect for children who can't get enough of Dorarepparttar 110050 Explorer (and, really, that means almost ALL preschoolers), "Dora's Ultimate Adventure Collection" provides an abundance of self-esteem building, educational entertainment.

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Dog and Cat Party Fun

Written by Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

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Halloween costume.  If it is a theme party like luau, Mardi Gras, Super Bowl, Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday choose a festive matching pet outfit.  Animals tend to have different diets, so bringing along pet food and bottled water is a good idea, too.  Be thoughtful by bringing your own bowls and placemat for when your pet dines.  Your pet should not rely onrepparttar hostess for any special requirements.  So, don't expectrepparttar 110037 hostess to provide your pet with a party favor.  Althoughrepparttar 110038 hostess might invite your pet, not all hostesses will think ahead of time about having party supplies for your pet, too.  Thus, prepare your pet for any possible disappointment.  Remember, glow sticks are not pet friendly party favors.

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