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Written by Chris Elkjar

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The production and dumbed down songwriting of this album is slightly disappointing, unless of course you are a classic rock fan. You can clearly hearrepparttar influence of early rock bands like Led Zeppelin, both onrepparttar 139750 production, andrepparttar 139751 songwriting. With drumming that is very evocative of Bonzo and very thin, vintage guitar tones. The album, just asrepparttar 139752 EP and all Faraquet material before it, has a very raw and uncut feel to it. Not raw inrepparttar 139753 St. Anger “we didn’t even try” sense, but more alongrepparttar 139754 lines of a live recording,repparttar 139755 band sounds tight, but you can still pick outrepparttar 139756 playing nuances of each member, givingrepparttar 139757 band a very ‘real’ sound. If you’re sick of pro-tools albums, this just might fit your prescription. (Pun intended, zing)

I thinkrepparttar 139758 classic rock influence shines strongest onrepparttar 139759 albums 9th track, I amrepparttar 139760 Harvestrepparttar 139761 opening feedback drops into a guitar riff that just screams Jimmy Page from miles away. You can almost seerepparttar 139762 band performing it in your head, after nearly 2 minutes of introduction guitar noodling,repparttar 139763 vocals finally enter andrepparttar 139764 guitar takes a much needed break. The drumming really takes over on this track, asrepparttar 139765 guitar feedbacks duringrepparttar 139766 verses and allowsrepparttar 139767 drums and bass to dictaterepparttar 139768 rest ofrepparttar 139769 song.

Your favorite people all in one place may not be a bold step into uncharted territory for this DC trio, but there’s nothing wrong with a slow evolution. The music is solid andrepparttar 139770 band still appeals to their core fans while managing to remain fresh and interesting.

Overall: 7.1

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10 Music Download Legal Points

Written by Vicente Applegate

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8. It is difficult to give a definitive decision onrepparttar interpretation copyright law itself.

9. The legal tactics ofrepparttar 139698 U.S. recording industry, which have been suing individuals for sharing music on-line. The entire music industry has changed dramatically. Since file sharing began, there has been an increase inrepparttar 139699 popularity of DVDs and video games that have put recording sales revenue in a slump.

10. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) desiresrepparttar 139700 industry be compensated for losses due to copying, but what decision would make it a flat-out victory. Canrepparttar 139701 recording industry prove that its bottom line was really affected by file-sharing. Inrepparttar 139702 U.S.repparttar 139703 RIAA can sue for statutory damages of $750 per song on a file-sharer's hard drive. But look dramatic price cuts by "big box" retailers. Once selling music files for charging 99 cents a song wasrepparttar 139704 norm, now look at Yahoo who now offers $60 a year for all you can eat program. How canrepparttar 139705 RIAA or CRIA claim such high damages?

Downloading music has been around only a few years and is still evolving. A good road map is needed for what we have to do inrepparttar 139706 future inrepparttar 139707 area of copyright onrepparttar 139708 Internet. It doesn't mean copyright law does not protect "content". For sure, whatever rulings are arrived at, will have long-term effects for us all.

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