Review: Landing Page Handbook: How to Raise Conversions

Written by Karon Thackston

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Most often, our information is just out-of-date. Case in point: I've known for years that people look at people. It's a natural reaction for human eyes to float torepparttar section of a Web page, landing page, ad (or whatever) that has a picture. However, what I didn't realize is that - on a landing page - having a picture of a person can be a dangerously distracting element. Times change and so doesrepparttar 105141 behavior of buyers so we have to stay up-to-date.

The eye-maps included in this ebook also were very interesting to me. You can actually see whatrepparttar 105142 site visitor looked at first and longest to know where to placerepparttar 105143 different elements of your page. Just very, very cool in my opinion!

If you're a:

** Website designer ** Copywriter ** Graphic designer ** Marketing professional ** PPC search engine marketer ** or anyone who wants to improve conversions up to 40%

you need to buy this book today.

I promised you I'd sharerepparttar 105144 results ofrepparttar 105145 improvements and testing I've done to my Copywriting Course site (see using Marketing Sherpa's newest report "Landing Page Handbook: How to Raise Conversions -- Data & Design Guidelines" so here it is.

I made another round of layout and design changes torepparttar 105146 site about a week ago. Once again, I saw an immediate improvement. I had data from sales that were made usingrepparttar 105147 original site design/copy and compared those to sales made afterrepparttar 105148 first round of changes. Then I began tracking sales and traffic patterns afterrepparttar 105149 second and third rounds of change. (If I'd made allrepparttar 105150 changes at once, I would not have been able to tell what worked and what didn't.)

Marketing Sherpa's headline for this new ebook promises a 40% increase in conversions when using their methods. Let's just see how they stacked up. At last check, usingrepparttar 105151 same amount of traffic for each test,repparttar 105152 results did not show a 40% increase. However, it did show a 37% increase in conversions! Not too shabby. I was impressed.

It's important to note that this was after three rounds of changes. I didn't get a 37% increase immediately. But that's somethingrepparttar 105153 ebook tells you… you'll have to test and track. The companies withrepparttar 105154 biggest returns arerepparttar 105155 ones who continually test.

I'll continue tweaking and testing so I can get even better results inrepparttar 105156 future, but my position on this report hasn't changed. “Landing Page Handbook: How to Raise Conversions -- Data & Design Guidelines" has extremely valuable information anyone who designs or writes landing pages would benefit from. I strongly encourage you to get yours today at

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Creating A Search Engine Copywriting Plan

Written by Karon Thackston

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4) Use Keyword Phrases In Headlines and Sub-headlines - IF it makes sense to do so. You will not blow your rankings if you have no keyword-filled

or other tags. If your headline sounds stupid with keywords in it, don't use them. There are countless sites online that rank highly which have no keywords inrepparttar headline.

5) Use Keyword Phrases Once or Twice Per Paragraph - Again IF it makes sense. Remember what I keep repeating? None of these guidelines are carved in stone. Read your copy out loud. If it sounds stupid or forced, take out some keywords or find ways to rework them so they flow more naturally.

6) Use Keyword Phrases In Bold, Italic or Bulleted Lists - IF it makes sense to do so. Don't automatically bold or italicize every instance of your keywords. It will make your page look stupid, and your visitors will wonder what kind of drugs you've been doing!

7) Do NOT Use Keyword Phrases As Substitutes For Generic Terms - For example, do not replace every instance ofrepparttar 105140 generic word "cruise" withrepparttar 105141 keyphrase "Mexico cruise vacation." Your copy will sound ridiculous.

We offer Mexico cruise vacation packages onrepparttar 105142 most popular Mexico cruise vacation ships torepparttar 105143 most breathtaking Mexico cruise vacation destinations. Oh please!!

8) Use Keyword Phrases As Anchor Text In Links - This is certainly not always possible. If your primary keyphrase is "Mexico Cruise Vacation," you absolutely should not write every link to include that phrase. However, if you can include keywords in anchor text within body copy or in text navigation links, you might score a little extra credit.

9) Test and Track - Lastly, and above all, please remember, it may take some tweaking to get your page to convertrepparttar 105144 way you want it to. All customers are notrepparttar 105145 same, and all sites are notrepparttar 105146 same. All keyphrases are notrepparttar 105147 same. There is no magic bullet. You'll have to test and track and see what works best for you.

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