Reverse Mortgage Providing Peace of Mind Without Sacrificing Safety or Security

Written by Barry Scoles

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1.Loan amounts, interest rates, and loan terms are set by HUD and Fannie Mae and can never vary from one lender to another. 2.HUD and Fannie Mae have established what fees can be charged and has set caps on them all. 3.All programs have lifetime interest rate caps 4.The term ofrepparttar loan is 150 years beyondrepparttar 148192 birth date ofrepparttar 148193 youngest homeowner (i.e. date of birth April 1940, loan expiration April 2090) 5.If a spouse passes, none ofrepparttar 148194 terms ofrepparttar 148195 loan change, andrepparttar 148196 remaining spouse may stay inrepparttar 148197 home for as long as they wish 6.If you are receiving monthly draws from your reverse mortgage, and your check is late for any reason,repparttar 148198 lender is required by federal statute to payrepparttar 148199 homeowner a 10% late fee. 7.Funds from a reverse mortgage are not considered income and therefore are not taxable and have no affect on ones Social Security or Medicare 8.If a homeowner’s health required extended hospitalization or assisted living care outsiderepparttar 148200 home, as long asrepparttar 148201 homeowner returns to their home within 12 months there is no interruption inrepparttar 148202 loan 9.Lenders are not permitted to take any steps in processing a reverse mortgage for any homeowner untilrepparttar 148203 senior has received independent counseling from a certified reverse mortgage counselor. 10.Followingrepparttar 148204 closing ofrepparttar 148205 reverse mortgagerepparttar 148206 homeowner has a three-day period to reconsiderrepparttar 148207 loan and cancelrepparttar 148208 transaction without any cost or obligation.

Reverse mortgages provide a safe secure solution for seniors to live out their life inrepparttar 148209 comfort of their own home withrepparttar 148210 dignity they deserve.

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Forex Trading Best Practices

Written by Diane McDee

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Fundamental Analysis isrepparttar process of consideringrepparttar 148171 current situation ofrepparttar 148172 country ofrepparttar 148173 currency. Elements such as a countries economy, political situation, and future must all be taken into account in Fundamental Analysis. Investors then make investments based upon this knowledge. The best investors not only analysis a countries current situation, butrepparttar 148174 rest ofrepparttar 148175 world’s interpretation of that country. Like any stock market,repparttar 148176 value ofrepparttar 148177 commodity is not merely based on exact numbers, but on perceptions of that commodity. If a country is believed to be on a positive path economically, than it’s currency will do well in FOREX.

FOREX can be a potentially lucrative investment. However,repparttar 148178 success of FOREX trading depends onrepparttar 148179 practices and knowledge ofrepparttar 148180 investor. It is important for any investor to analyzerepparttar 148181 market and determine what exactly he or she wants to achieve in investing. Long-term gains and short-term gains require different strategies. The best investors are always well informed aboutrepparttar 148182 market,repparttar 148183 world economy and haverepparttar 148184 best traders available. If one follows these practices, FOREX will certainly prove to be a very rewarding investment.

Diane McDee is very interested in financial topics, especially FOREX currency trading.

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