Revering a Las Vegas Tee (Golf) Party

Written by Mel Barosay

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Like many ofrepparttar modern day resort-style courses that use multiple tees,repparttar 139418 par-5, hole 11, Longfellow is another signature hole with double fairways. Broken by a natural island of desert landscape, players are forced to choose between two routes on their second shot. Althoughrepparttar 139419 right fairway isrepparttar 139420 recommended safer route torepparttar 139421 green,repparttar 139422 left fairway tempts amateurs and low handicappers alike with its obvious shorter distance and unobstructed approach torepparttar 139423 green. Satisfaction of this potential risk/reward gamble personifiesrepparttar 139424 Vegas and American spirits!

The initial design ofrepparttar 139425 course was an outstanding cooperative effort between Billy Casper, Greg Nash and Del Webb to routerepparttar 139426 fairways inrepparttar 139427 meandering trek while keepingrepparttar 139428 homes well aboverepparttar 139429 ridge lines ofrepparttar 139430 course. This has successfully minimizedrepparttar 139431 impact ofrepparttar 139432 4,755-acre master-planned community torepparttar 139433 golf experience while accentuatingrepparttar 139434 challenges ofrepparttar 139435 natural flow of land. Seclusion, serenity, uncrowded and well-planned sums uprepparttar 139436 feeling a golfer gets when stepping their feet upon this sacred golf mecca.

The No. 6, North Church, 384-yard, par-4 isrepparttar 139437 farthest point north onrepparttar 139438 golf course. And, if you can stay out ofrepparttar 139439 bunkers onrepparttar 139440 right, you won't have any trouble until you start your approach torepparttar 139441 green. That may be easier said than done! The bunkers are reachable in length with a driver and withrepparttar 139442 right-to-left sloping fairway, temptation to aim a little farther right makesrepparttar 139443 shot even more dangerous. But, thenrepparttar 139444 old "one-if-by-land, two-if-by-sea" bit takes on a whole new meaning. The "land" in this equation is a scary pot bunker hiding inrepparttar 139445 back-right side ofrepparttar 139446 green. It could easily cost you a stroke. The "sea," onrepparttar 139447 other hand, isrepparttar 139448 lake that curls aroundrepparttar 139449 green's front-right. Having "feel"with your wedge and proper distance control is essential to success here.

To make every occasion special, contact Kame Masterson - The Revere Tournament Director 702/617-5757, 877/746-5337 or email Kame at Kame is skilled at arranging a wide variety of exceptional amenities and services for tournaments, meetings, social and corporate functions.

Revere's 23,000 sq. ft. clubhouse with its breathtaking views and very hospitable staff will make your special occasion a revolutionary one!

No. 12, named "One-If-By-Land," is a 422-yard, par-4 layout that creates an unique challenge. Bunkers boarderrepparttar 139450 entire right side ofrepparttar 139451 fairway whilerepparttar 139452 golfer is staring down intorepparttar 139453 Las Vegas Valley can distract, awe, and cause error if one is not careful. The topography makesrepparttar 139454 green appear to be higher inrepparttar 139455 back than it is inrepparttar 139456 front. The golfer really needs to trust his distance, control, and accuracy here, too. In truth,repparttar 139457 green slopes away from you, making allrepparttar 139458 skill elements very important.

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Howl On a Cliffhanger in the Canadian Rockies A Golf Feature for Women

Written by Lise Lacasse

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Majestic mountains appeared onrepparttar horizon -repparttar 139417 snow-capped Rockies,repparttar 139418 symbols of Canada that they are, dominaterepparttar 139419 countryside creating a perfect picture postcard.

On your way, make sure you stop in Banff for a bite to eat; it's truly a town worth seeing. Sure, it's full of tourists and tourist shops that sell overpriced, tacky items, but it's a quaint village in its own right, so take my advice, make a stop.

After lunch, we continuedrepparttar 139420 drive to British Columbia. Remember, we are driving from one province to another. (For those of you unfamiliar with traveling in Canada, there are NO border stops between provinces.) The trip from Banff, Alberta to Radium, British Columbia, is approximately one hour. That is if you don't stop. But you will stop, and have your camera ready becauserepparttar 139421 views are breathtaking. Valley upon valley unfolds before your eyes. Asrepparttar 139422 mountains reach forrepparttar 139423 sky, I spotted whererepparttar 139424 tree line ended and was replaced by stark protruding rock faces. I can't help but ask my girlfriend to stoprepparttar 139425 car, so I can take pictures. I feel compelled to photograph everything, as I didn't want this memory to fade.

When we arrived in Radium, I noticedrepparttar 139426 hot springs were open. Note to self about Radium. Natural hot springs are favorite tourist spot, so if you're into this type of scene enjoy, if not, wave torepparttar 139427 "springers" and keep driving. Another note to self. Beware of mountain sheep onrepparttar 139428 side ofrepparttar 139429 road and don't stop to close to take photographs, as they get frightened and begin to "joust" right in front of your car.

Twenty-five minutes later,repparttar 139430 car stops. I am at Panorama Resort! Greeted by friendly staff, I was handed a map and promisedrepparttar 139431 weather would cooperate. I was somewhat dubious aboutrepparttar 139432 weather comment and I became fixated onrepparttar 139433 weather channel.

We arrive at our condominium and as we pull up, I squeal, "this is too good to be true!" Picture this: four chateau-style condominiums, perched high on a hill. Behind them loom snow-capped mountains as far asrepparttar 139434 eye can see. Traces ofrepparttar 139435 snow remain on a few ofrepparttar 139436 ski runs, making me consider that I might have to return for a ski trip. The car stops and I get out. Silence. I inhale deeply and my lungs welcomerepparttar 139437 fresh air. I feel like I've been beamed from a busy, stark city into an enchanting countryside that offers nothing but splendor and peace of mind. Blue sky, tall pines and silence arerepparttar 139438 elementsrepparttar 139439 make-uprepparttar 139440 landscape.

It's one of those moments one experiences when s/he realizes there is much more too life than daily rituals - it is a moment where values are questioned. I hadn't even golfed yet and I was ready to move here!

Our suite is onrepparttar 139441 fourth floor. It is a corner suite that overlooksrepparttar 139442 pool area as well as provides us with a panoramic view ofrepparttar 139443 mountains (I'm guessing that's howrepparttar 139444 resort acquired its name.) It's been a long day, it is time to get some supplies, soak inrepparttar 139445 hot tub, and eat.

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By Lise Lacasse, Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Read Jetsetters Magazine at

Lise Lacasse, Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Join the Travel Writers Network in the logo at

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