Revelations A Study. Section 12.

Written by Rev.Anthony Smith

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The Armys ofrepparttar East and The Assyrian. Algeria,Bahrain,Egypt,Syria,Iran,Iraq,Jordan,Kuwait,Lebanon, Libya,Morocco,Oman,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,Tunisia,United Arab Emirates & Yemen. Chapter 15:1 thru 16:21, The seven vials. Rev 15:1 thru Rev 15:8 is self explanitory. These verses are literial. Rev 16:1 thru 16:12 are literial and self explanitory. Rev 16:12 Andrepparttar 145058 sixth angel poured out his vial uponrepparttar 145059 great river Euphrates; andrepparttar 145060 water thereof was dried up, thatrepparttar 145061 way ofrepparttar 145062 kings ofrepparttar 145063 east might be prepared. Rev 16:12 is an extremely important verse . This verse is literial but many try to make it out to be a spiritual meaning. We know that this is literial if we look atrepparttar 145064 maps ofrepparttar 145065 region andrepparttar 145066 combatents involved. The Euphraties river has allready been damned by The King of Iraq. Rev 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out ofrepparttar 145067 mouth ofrepparttar 145068 dragon, and out ofrepparttar 145069 mouth ofrepparttar 145070 beast, and out ofrepparttar 145071 mouth ofrepparttar 145072 false prophet. Frogs;The word is Egyptian; The three unclean spirits like frogs (Rev_16:13) symbolize (1) "proud infidelity", opposing Christ and God, "out ofrepparttar 145073 dragon's mouth"; (2) "the spirit ofrepparttar 145074 world", whether lawless socialistic democracy or despotism, setting man above God, "out ofrepparttar 145075 beast's mouth"; (3) "lying spiritualism", supersedingrepparttar 145076 harlot and proceeding "out ofrepparttar 145077 false prophet's mouth." Rev 16:14 explaines 16:13. Rev 16:14 For they arerepparttar 145078 spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth untorepparttar 145079 kings ofrepparttar 145080 earth and ofrepparttar 145081 whole world, to gather them torepparttar 145082 battle of that great day of God Almighty. Rev 16:15 is a warning from Christ. In ,Rev 16:16, “And he gathered them together” “into a place” “called inrepparttar 145083 Hebrew tongue Armageddon.” = The plain of Esdraelon, "the valley of Jehoshaphat", “the valley of Megiddo": There are many that mis-intrepret this verse. They are failing to seerepparttar 145084 key words, which are, 1.Gathered. 2. Into a Place. 3. Armageddon. Please take a little time and look up The plain of Esdraelon, "the valley of Jehoshaphat", & “the valley of Megiddo". Armageddon will be fought around these areas. Rev 16:17 & Rev 16:18 are self explanitory and literial. Rev 16:19 thru Rev 16:21 are literial. Rev 16:19 Andrepparttar 145085 great city[Jerusalem] was divided into three parts, andrepparttar 145086 cities ofrepparttar 145087 nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto herrepparttar 145088 cup ofrepparttar 145089 wine ofrepparttar 145090 fierceness of his wrath. Rev 16:20 And every island fled away, andrepparttar 145091 mountains were not found. Rev 16:21 And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone aboutrepparttar 145092 weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because ofrepparttar 145093 plague ofrepparttar 145094 hail; forrepparttar 145095 plague thereof was exceeding great. [Ref; Isa_49:26, Isa_51:17-23; Jer_25:15, Jer_25:16, Jer_25:26] end section 12.

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The Armorbearer Coach: The Character of Christ In You!

Written by Earma Brown

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We develop character every time we make a right choice. John C. Maxwell, America’s expert on leadership and successful executive says, “We create it (character) every time we make choices—to cop out or dig out of a hard situation, to bendrepparttar truth or stand underrepparttar 145047 weight of it, to takerepparttar 145048 easy money or payrepparttar 145049 price.” 5 By daily recognizing, developing, and refiningrepparttar 145050 moral strength in us, we are co-laborers in buildingrepparttar 145051 character God desires to see in His children.

We desire people of character in our churches, our cities, our countries, and our world. Most if not all ofrepparttar 145052 success stories turned failures in recent years, have been partially due to lack of character. No one can rise aboverepparttar 145053 limitations of his character. Billy Graham was asked to comment on how he was able to maintain character inrepparttar 145054 face of so many ministry leaders showing a lack of character.

He responded with, “People have put me on too high a pedestal. We dorepparttar 145055 same with other leaders. I know, however, I am not as good as some people think I am. I have seen men inrepparttar 145056 depths of wickedness and have thought to myself, ‘There I go, except byrepparttar 145057 grace of God.’ I have to depend on God every day to help me live as I should.” We also must depend onrepparttar 145058 grace of God to help us live, as we should. To develop character in your life on a daily basis:

•Make right choices. Remember character is a choice. Invite God in on your choices. You will find it makes a lifetime of difference.

•Recognize your character will preachrepparttar 145059 gospel. Determine to set a good example for those watching your witness.

•Remember bad company corrupts good character. Watchrepparttar 145060 company you keep. Are they a good influence upon your life or a bad one?

•Depend onrepparttar 145061 grace of God. When you make a mistake, repent, and begin again. My pastor, Mike Hayes says, “God is a God of new beginnings. Look at how He provides us an opportunity for a fresh start each new season, New Year, new month, new week, and every fresh morning.”

We have determined that choices create character. If you have been unfortunate to make quite a few wrong choices in life as I have, then this will be good news to you. Pastor Amy Hossler encouraged me saying, “Even a wrong or bad choice repented of can eventually build good character.” Our Father God has promised (if we ask for it) to forgive us and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. Additionally, He promised to work all things to our good.9

It seems our Father God is painstakingly involved in working character in us. However, it is up to us to work together with him so that we may reaprepparttar 145062 harvest of righteousness he longs to give us. Join me as I cooperate with God in creating good character in me with one good choice at a time.

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