Retro Games Are Hot Again

Written by David D. Deprice

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Star Defender

Star Defender is a vertical scrolling space shooter and a spectacular clone of Space Invaders. You are a test pilot flyingrepparttar Tornado. Your spaceship is controlled by your mouse. The ship is limited to movement inrepparttar 148396 lower line ofrepparttar 148397 play area. Star Defender possesses all ofrepparttar 148398 classic features ofrepparttar 148399 genre: professional and vibrant graphics, breathtaking gameplay and an original soundtrack.

Alpha Ball

Alpha Ball is a totally 3D entry intorepparttar 148400 Arkanoid/Breakout genre, featuring simple controls and addictive gameplay. Each level has built-in, completely 3D backward and upward functionality, with great graphics and effects. The application also featuresrepparttar 148401 new Suspend Game feature that lets you quit a game and return to it later. The program has 100 levels, with random level matching.

David has long been a fan of 80s style games. His fine collection for retro games is available to public at

Taj Weekes and Adowa-Hope and Doubt

Written by Eva Dilmanian-Buzzword PR

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goodbye to his activist older brother, nicknamed MPLA for being famously vocal aboutrepparttar Angolan liberation movement, who was mysteriously killed after he discovered Rastafari. Yetrepparttar 148373 album never disintegrates into a mere chronicle ofrepparttar 148374 hard-knock life. The big horns onrepparttar 148375 upbeat "Sad" declare war on apathy, offering a "brighter song" in place of "another day another shrug/down inrepparttar 148376 ghetto." The danceable "Scream Out Mellow" is a passive resistance anthem in disguise, while "Mysterious" is a song of faith and hope.

Weekes’s songs of struggle combine with his pop craftsmanship bring reggae back to its roots: music aboutrepparttar 148377 people, forrepparttar 148378 people. Hope and Doubt is an attention-grabbing debut by an artist who is sure to offer people hope for years to come.

For More Information Contact Eva Dilmanian @ or visitrepparttar 148379 Taj and Adowa website @



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