Rethinking Linking - Link Exchange Back to Basics

Written by Kai Virihaur

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As we all know now, Google got tired of having its search results manipulated in this way. So they tweaked their ranking algoritms (one tweak widely known asrepparttar dreaded "Florida Update"), to put an end to these methods. They started actively punishing web sites that were caught using devices such as "Free For All" link exchange sites, and implemented many other measures also; too many to mention here.

So, getting many inbound links is a dead concept now? That is what some people claim, but they are wrong! What IS dead isrepparttar 119322 idea that links are nothing but search engine food. Rather, we are getting back inrepparttar 119323 direction ofrepparttar 119324 good ol' days, when links were not there just to baitrepparttar 119325 search bots. Some folks may have forgotten that links really are there to serve as paths of communication for Real People. Inbound links to a web site means paths for humans to enter, and browserepparttar 119326 content. And that is what all of us webmasters want: VISITORS!

This also means: stop trying to manipulate search engines. Keep your directory of links, if it does provide some real value to visitors. But if those links are just a messy jumble, hidden somewhere in a dusty corner of your site - repent! Get those links out ofrepparttar 119327 closet, let them breathe some fresh air!

Kai Virihaur is a web developer, researcher, and artist. He runs The Hosting Finder (, a web hosting directory featuring articles and RSS feeds on web development, web site promotion, and internet marketing.

Reciprocal Link versus Value Exchange

Written by Tim Ong

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Ken should know what he was talking about. The websites his "SiteBuildIt!" hosted come with automatic periodic submission torepparttar biggest names in search engines. He uses a unique submission system that is search-engine friendly, unlike most automatic site submitters. So successful was this that most of "SiteBuildIt!" websites consistently rank amongrepparttar 119321 top 5%.

Thus it was no surprise that Ken sawrepparttar 119322 importance of value exchange -repparttar 119323 term he used for link exchange between two quality sites with similar theme. He followed this up with a free value exchange program that is available to all quality websites. The keyword here is quality. He only allows quality sites to sign up.

So if you think your site qualify, try out his free value exchange program. You'll soon be getting requests from other webmasters with quality sites to exchange links with. You can check it out for yourself here

Tim Ong is the webmaster of The Self Improvement Site, a site which focuses on personal and financial growth as well as webmastering tips and tools for online success. He is also the author of the ever popular Build From Within ezine.

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