Resumes That Rock (16 Expert Tips)

Written by Karen Fritscher-Porter

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6. Communicate three main concepts in your cover letter. The prospective employer wants to know anything that might help her make money; cut a cost; attract a new customer; retain an existing customer; or solve a problem. Make your self-promotion do that and you'll be onrepparttar DO CALL list.

7. Flaunt it, baby! If you're a whiz with computer skills, don't be shy about saying so. Whether you learned a skill onrepparttar 142279 job or went to school for four years to learn it, you do haverepparttar 142280 skill. It doesn't matter how you acquired such valuable skills--just mention that you have them.

Resumes: 8. Write a single resume that is suitable for multiple employers.

9. Make your resume one page. Start by writing everything you want to say; then edit and cut. A two page resume can work too. Just remember, prospective employers are reading a lot of cover letters and resumes. Concise is better.

10. Putrepparttar 142281 juicy stuff on page one of a multi-page resume.

11. Breakrepparttar 142282 resume into sections: education, training, computer skills and so forth. Your 'experience' section isrepparttar 142283 prime real estate and should be half or more of a one page resume.

12. Write in chronological order. Start withrepparttar 142284 most recent information.

13. Go back in your employment history as far as beneficial to you. Ten years is good. Experience beyond that can go in a summary under 'highlight of other experience' section, hitting justrepparttar 142285 highlights without dates. This is where you can mention you've also worked in CPA and law firms, givingrepparttar 142286 employer an indirect reminder that you're versatile.

14. Write a broad objective statement. Make it all purpose enough so that somebody reading it won't immediately say 'we're not what she's looking for.' Accentuate your personal qualities and some of your skills inrepparttar 142287 statement.

15. Don't highlight that you've primarily worked in one industry or write that you're seeking an entry-level position. You may be looking for an administrative assistant job inrepparttar 142288 aerospace industry but would you consider office manager inrepparttar 142289 company's automotive industry sister company if offered to you?

16. Write your accomplishments. Your resume should mostly describe what you actually accomplished onrepparttar 142290 job. Don't be boring! Say 'trained approximately 30 employees inrepparttar 142291 word processing department in operation of Microsoft Word...' not 'responsibilities included switchboard, computer operations and customer service.' That first sentence says you trained people, communicated, presented in front of a group, worked one-on-one providing individual assistance and have lots of computer experience. The second phrasing just says you're boring. Yawn!

A scheduled interview means your resume is a success. Poprepparttar 142292 bubbly (but not right before your interview)!

2005 Karen Fritscher-Porter

Karen Fritscher-Porter is the publisher and editor of The Effective Admin, a free monthly e-zine for administrative support professionals who want practical tips to advance their career and simplify their daily job duties. Learn more about The Effective Admin at where you also can buy booklets and reports full of informational tips useful to administrative assistants and their managers.

Job Lead Websites To Use In Your Telecommuting Search

Written by Nell Taliercio

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To findrepparttar best results, I go to and start withrepparttar 142278 first city, Albany, and start withrepparttar 142279 first category, accounting and finance, and then start searching through every city and category! Sounds simple right? It is simple, but you need to stay committed to looking for jobs everyday.

Telecommuting jobs go fast, so searching everyday at will be your best bet. You need to jump onrepparttar 142280 jobsrepparttar 142281 day they are listed. Is this going to take time on your part? Of course, but if you're serious about working at home, you will findrepparttar 142282 time to search everyday for jobs. is one ofrepparttar 142283 easiest job search websites I've found, and it's one that I go to in order to find legitimate leads from every single day! My husband has even started using it to find offline jobs in our area.

I have other job search websites that you can try out listed on my MommysPlace site. I haven't used all ofrepparttar 142284 websites on this list, so please know that I can't vouch for them all or tell you if they arerepparttar 142285 best to use. You should try as many as you want in order to decide which ones work best for you.

Now get out there and get searching! I wish yourepparttar 142286 best with your job search.

Nell Taliercio is the publisher of a weekly telecommuting newsletter that helps moms and dads work at home. Read more about the newsletter and get your free listing of job links at - and for more telecommuting and home based business information head over to

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