Responsible Advertising

Written by Mary Wilkey

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Honesty allows for clean, mutually beneficial transactions. It benefitsrepparttar seller by resulting in a core of satisfied customers, who become repeat customers, because ofrepparttar 101111 positive trust factor. It results in fewer merchandise returns, and, consequently, bigger profits. It benefitsrepparttar 101112 buyer by giving him a merchandise source that he can trust in all areas, withrepparttar 101113 ability to rely onrepparttar 101114 word of repparttar 101115 seller time after time, with no hassles andrepparttar 101116 safety of completely guaranteed satisfaction with his purchases.

Next, realize that you haverepparttar 101117 power to change lives with your words!

Words ARE powerful! (After all, God used them to create repparttar 101118 universe!) They are one of those powerful, invisible forces inrepparttar 101119 world, along with electricity, love, etc. Do NOT exaggerate in your ads. Tellrepparttar 101120 exact truth.

If you are recruiting people for a business opportunity, don't tell them they're going to be making $10,000 a month, when that is going to be solely dependent on their own efforts. You may state that it is POSSIBLE, but don't mislead them.

Avoid hype headers: "I'm Making $5,000 a month on repparttar 101121 Internet—You can, too!" is better than "Make a Mint Online!"

Truth in advertising carries many other more subtle benefits, which time and space do not allow to be pursued at this time, but, rest assured, all those subtle benefits are even more beneficial to both seller and buyer thanrepparttar 101122 more obvious ones mentioned above.

Along those lines, dear readers, if any of you respond to any advertisement you see in ’elf Expressions Ezine and find that advertisement to be less than truthful, please email this publisher at once withrepparttar 101123 complete details, and if those details check out, we'll no longer publish that ad.

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Gone Fishing ???

Written by Anita Foley

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STYLE 2 - Serene and Sensible

Would you like to have your own business, work from home, and profit fromrepparttar power ofrepparttar 101110 Internet? You can join a solid company that offers an easy-to-learn method of making money online. Click here for more information.

Which one appealed to you? Whichever it was, you may want to try writing inrepparttar 101111 other style if you find yourself always writing your adsrepparttar 101112 same way. If you want to catch different kinds of fish, you'll want to have different kinds of bait! You'll need ads that appeal to different people! I use a variety of ads written in a variety of styles. Some of themrepparttar 101113 experts would love and some they would hate. But, depending on where they are placed, they all work.

When you go fishing, you also learn that you can't simply baitrepparttar 101114 hook and throw it intorepparttar 101115 water and then just sit there. My Dad taught me how to "jiggle"repparttar 101116 bait, cast it out and reel it back in, "drag"repparttar 101117 bottom, and numerous other techniques to getrepparttar 101118 fish to bite. In your online marketing you’ll also have to apply some techniques to get your customers to bite.

You cannot simply write some ads and throw them around in a few places. You'll want to try different marketing techniques including banner ads, e-zine ads, classifieds ads, traffic generators, search engine submission, pay-per-click, and even FFA posting. And don't forget, you can use free advertising to test outrepparttar 101119 new "bait" and new "fishing techniques".

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? So why bother? Forrepparttar 101120 same reason you keep going fishing. You know those fish are out there, and it's just a matter of time before you "hook"repparttar 101121 BIG one!

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