Resolve Disputes With Your Partners Before They Happen

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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The most common issues addressed inrepparttar ownership agreement are when and how equity interest will be bought back byrepparttar 149656 business or other owners. Common topics include:

· First Right of Refusal if a shareholder tries to sell their stock;

· Right of owners to buyrepparttar 149657 stock fromrepparttar 149658 estate of a deceased owner to avoid ownership byrepparttar 149659 children or spouse ofrepparttar 149660 deceased owner. This is often combined with life insurance products to supply a means for making payment;

· Right to buy back stock from an owner that files personal bankruptcy;

· Right to buy back stock from an owner that is found to be mentally incompetent [drug addictions, etc.];

· Right to buy back stock from an owner that fails to perform their assigned duties; and

A buy-sell agreement is a smart and effective means of short-circuiting ownership disputes before they occur. If your corporation consists of two or more owners, you should seriously consider putting an agreement in writing to avoid debilitating disputes.

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Small Law Firm Marketing Tips

Written by Sarfaraz Nasir

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4. Make sure your business card has your website address (URL) and your email address (

5. Try Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign on Google or Overture (Yahoo) with as low as $0.10 per click. Make sure to use targeted keywords in these campaigns rather than generic. For Immigration services in Los Angeles, CA, “Immigration lawyer in Los Angeles” keyword would be more effective than “Immigration” or “Lawyer” keywords.

6. Find local community websites and advertise your banner on their website. These sites are cheaper and more effective since most people visitingrepparttar sites are local.

7. Make sure to keep your site up-to-date withrepparttar 149655 current information. List your achievements on your website. Ask your clients to give feedback and ask them if it is ok post them onrepparttar 149656 website.

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