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Written by Theo Olifiers

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If you're looking for a rock solid product, clickrepparttar link

The next thing you should look for is ...

2) A generous and simple to understand commission structure.

Oftenrepparttar 102424 plan is so complicated and filled with bonuses that you can't figure out what your actual commission is.

Hani and I work with an 80% recurring payout product. This means that a small business can produce a good income.

Would you like to see what it is? Click onrepparttar 102425 link.

3) A proven method for promotion

The product needs to come with original and proven promotional materials ools.

Your business partners need step-by-step instructions to build their business. Without an easy-to-follow plan, your business will not grow.

We'll not go into allrepparttar 102426 details here. Let's just say you don't want to be doing what everyone else is! You need a unique approach.

4) A good contactable mentor

You need someone who has done it before.

Once you locate a mentor you will want to contact them via email to see how successful, responsive and willing they are. Don't be shy! Your success depends on this.

Some uplines are only interested in bringing more people on board. In actual fact, it's much more effective to have a small active group of partners.

Keep in mind that once you have your own bunch of partners it will be your turn to mentor them!

The one thing you need to remember... please don't join ANY network if you just want to sit back and wait for things to happen for you. Don't expect to make money from spillover. It will be tempting at times!

I warn my partners to expect to spend 1-2 hours a day working on their network.

That's it partner!

If you have any questions or suggestions please drop me an email.

To your success.

Have a great day!

Theo Olifiers:) and Hani Banna

Ps: If you're interested in starting and running a business, we're interested in meeting with you. Click here, lets talk.

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we are forming a network of motivated people to work together on promoting a single product.


Written by Cindy Tan

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