Residual Income, the Overlooked Resource in Pay-per-click

Written by Daniel Brough

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Oftentimes, those of us who playrepparttar pay-per-click game get so inrepparttar 102390 mindset of ‘quick money’ that we tend to dismiss those affiliate programs that have lower payouts without really considering what may be offered.

Which ofrepparttar 102391 two web-hosting services hasrepparttar 102392 better payout overall? We know that web host #1 pays out $90 per sale. That’s ‘quick money’, right away, and a lot ofrepparttar 102393 time it’s easy to think “a bird inrepparttar 102394 hand…”

But suppose a customer buys web-hosting services from company #2. Presumably, if he is pleased withrepparttar 102395 service, he’ll stay with it for a very long time, possiblyrepparttar 102396 rest of his life. So even thoughrepparttar 102397 initial payout is only $10,repparttar 102398 potential return of this one sale is $10 per month, forrepparttar 102399 rest ofrepparttar 102400 customer’s life! I think that kind of payout deserves a second look.

So which service isrepparttar 102401 better to promote? The answer, of course, is both of them. Depending on how well each service converts to sales, and whatrepparttar 102402 click-through rate is on your ads, either or both ofrepparttar 102403 above services could be wrong for you to promote. But either or both could be very profitable.

The moral: Don’t dismiss low-paying payouts out of hand, especially if there is residual income involved.

Daniel Brough is the founder of AdWord Wizards, a free mentoring program designed to teach anyone how to profit from pay-per-click search engines. Want to start a profitable AdWords campaign in less than 30 minutes? Come to and sign up for this free program.

The Red Flags of Affiliate Marketing Scams

Written by Clay Mabbitt

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No free participation. If you have to pay a company forrepparttar privilege of trying to sell their product and increase their profits, you aren't looking at an affiliate program. You've found an example of multi-level marketing (MLM). Not all MLM opportunities are scams, and some people are extremely successful at MLM. Unfortunately, if you aren't one ofrepparttar 102389 few who can make it work; you'll usually spend a fair chunk of change discovering this MLM program doesn't fit your needs. True affiliate programs are free to join. If things don't work outrepparttar 102390 way you expected, you haven't risked any of your money.

No positive testimonials. Even though there is no financial cost for an affiliate program, you will be investing quite a bit of your most precious commodity, time. Before making that sacrifice, it's always a good idea to spend some time scouringrepparttar 102391 Internet for people who have some experience with your program. Don't rely onrepparttar 102392 testimonials a company provides on their website to give you a complete and accurate picture. Head to your favorite search engine and see what kind of dirt you can dig up. A search withrepparttar 102393 program name andrepparttar 102394 word "review", "scam", or "experience" is a good place to start. Even high caliber programs will likely have some negative reviews from people frustratedrepparttar 102395 program wasn't a good fit for them, so don't immediately condemn an opportunity for a little bad press. Unless a program is brand new, though, you should be able to find a few positive experiences and success stories.

No track record. A good affiliate program is going to continue to be a good affiliate program for a while. Resistrepparttar 102396 temptation to be swayed by marketing hype that urges you to "get in onrepparttar 102397 ground floor" of a brand new opportunity. Of course, there's something to be said for beingrepparttar 102398 first to market with a new idea, so you shouldn't be afraid to immediately embrace an affiliate program that you feel good about and doesn't set off any ofrepparttar 102399 other red flags described here. If you are onrepparttar 102400 bubble trying to decide if a program is legitimate, though, you're better off waiting. In six months dependable affiliate opportunities with quality, high-demand products will still be around, and they'll still be plenty of money to be made. Meanwhile, most ofrepparttar 102401 affiliate program scams will have collapsed.

Clay Mabbitt writes articles about online income opportunities. He is the founder of a community of Internet entrepreneurs sharing knowledge and experience at

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