Reseller Web Hosting - A Cheaper Alternative?

Written by Jeff Usher

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Previously I had over ten domain names and associated web sites that were costing me around $5 - $10 a month to host. The average months hosting costs were around $50 - $60. Therefore, by setting up a reseller account and transferring my domains and web sites over to my reseller account I made an instant saving of $15 a month.

Now, another extension of this would be to start selling hosting to your friends, after all, you have a reseller account. So if you have ten friends, ask them if they would like web hosting on your server, maybe offer it free to them and ask them to recommend your services to their friends, these can then become "paying" customers. Now YOU can get people to pay for hosting and make backrepparttar monthly reseller fee. Just sell ten accounts for $3 a month and you have instant income of $30 to offsetrepparttar 138122 $35 reseller fee you are paying. So you get hosting for $5 a month for as many domains and sites as you like.

So, withrepparttar 138123 reseller account you have helped yourself, helped your friends, and possibly started making money as well.

Jeff Usher is not a guru or an internet genius. He's just an ordinary guy trying to make his way in the world. Visit his web hosting information site here:- if you need more resources and information relating to this article.

Hacked Off With CSS?

Written by Andrew Faulkner

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Secondly, designers have performed Hacks to satisfy current and past browsers. They have failed to look inrepparttar other direction will it be futureproof? Withrepparttar 138121 launch ofrepparttar 138122 next version of Internet Explorer this summer (and many more to follow), one has to wonder whether these Hacks, or quick fixes, will break a site. In essence, we cannot predict how Hacks will be displayed. Designers might likerepparttar 138123 idea of work needing to be done inrepparttar 138124 future on a clients site but ifrepparttar 138125 site breaksrepparttar 138126 client is unlikely to commissionrepparttar 138127 same team to fix it.

The true skill of a designer is shown when s/he creates a design without Hacks that generally looks great and works. Slight differences have to be expected. Trade-offs have to be made and it isrepparttar 138128 decisions made that show a quality end product.

Andrew Faulkner of aspiramedia web design.

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