Repetition is the Key to Learning Something Deeply

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Reciterepparttar chord roots as you play an exercise or drill chords. This will keep you aware of what you are playing, especially when you work with rootless voicings. As you repeat a progression over and over, make a conscious note ofrepparttar 145019 chord structure (i.e. root-7-3-5) which you are manipulating. This will reinforce your understanding and hearing ofrepparttar 145020 harmony.

Whenever your hands need to leaverepparttar 145021 keys to start at a new location (i.e. practicing an individual voicing or ii-V7-I progression aroundrepparttar 145022 key circle), releaserepparttar 145023 chord immediately, rather than sustaining it. This will give you extra time (metronome clicks/drum sounds) to reset your hands forrepparttar 145024 new key.

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Finding Your Own Pathway to Specialized Health Care

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Forensic Nursing Certificate Forensic nursing is a field open to RNs with a deep interest inrepparttar investigative sciences and a passion for victim advocacy. This can be exciting work if you’re comfortable offering medical assessments at crime or accident scenes. Certified forensic nurses examine and provide care for survivors of assaults, disasters, abuse and negligence. You’ll be called in to determinerepparttar 145018 causes of injuries and deaths, discover or help decide who’s responsible for a victim’s care, and make appropriate referrals and follow-ups. A membership survey ofrepparttar 145019 International Association of Forensic Nurses indicates that you could earn from $55 to $300 per hour. Job opportunities for forensic nurses exist primarily with hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and independent practice.

Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) might berepparttar 145020 RN who handles data collected by a forensic nurse, without actually handlingrepparttar 145021 patients. Thorough and timely information is just as important as hands-on care. You’ll thrive as an LNC if your nursing education and clinical experience are a natural fit with your research skills and interest inrepparttar 145022 legalities of health care. Through your ability to identify standards of care, review medical records and interview witnesses, you’ll be a valuable team member in malpractice lawsuits, medical insurance claims, and workers’ compensation cases. Completing this certificate program will qualify you to work in law firms, insurance companies, HMOs, government agencies, or independent practice. A compensation survey byrepparttar 145023 American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants shows its members earning hourly fees ranging from $70 to $200.

Case Management Certificate Case Managers play a similar role to GCMs and LCPs, assessing and coordinating health and human services for patients with a wide range of needs. With your Kaplan certificate you’ll plan and manage patient care, research cost-effective options, berepparttar 145024 point person onrepparttar 145025 team of specialists that you assemble, and support your client’s family with information and suggestions. RNs, therapists, rehabilitation counselors and social workers are a natural fit for this career. Based on a survey byrepparttar 145026 Case Management Society of America and ADVANCE for Providers of Post-Acute Care, starting salaries in this growing profession might be $55,000 for government agencies and insurance carriers, and at least $75,000 for home health agencies or through independent practice.

Education on Your Terms These Health Care Pathways certificate programs can be completed in about 12 months of online self-study. The pace is up to you, and this flexibility leaves room forrepparttar 145027 healthy work-life balance already so critical to busy professionals with family and other personal commitments. You can participate in these programs from anywhere inrepparttar 145028 world with a personal computer, email and Web access, andrepparttar 145029 ability to handle MS Word documents.

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