Remote Viewing ... What is it anyway?

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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--- Time Stands Still ---

Inrepparttar Universe, time has no meaning. The past, present, andrepparttar 122380 future have already occurred. This situation allows a remote viewer to move around in what we perceive as time to view things that have happened, are happening, and will happen in our future. It is no mystery that everything that will happen, has already happened.

But, how can you change your future? Just as every action you performed inrepparttar 122381 past establishes your present, every action you perform now places events and situations in motion forrepparttar 122382 future. As you live and breath today, tomorrow's environment begins to take shape to create a ripple effect for centuries to come. By knowing what is to come, you can changerepparttar 122383 course of present day events to rebuild your future.

Consider that you place a coffee cup, filled with coffee, precariously onrepparttar 122384 edge of a table. Yet, your gut tells you that someone will knock it offrepparttar 122385 table. If you leave it there,repparttar 122386 future is set and indeed, someone will knock it offrepparttar 122387 table. However, if you moverepparttar 122388 cup to some location closer torepparttar 122389 middle ofrepparttar 122390 table,repparttar 122391 future is now rebuilt and a new future exists for that cup of coffee. Of course, this is a simple example, yet examine it on a broader scale as it applies to human events. What if?

--- What's over there? ---

Just as we can slide around in time, we can also slide around by location. By picking a location with a coordinate inrepparttar 122392 matrix, we can see events and people at any place, anywhere, and any time. It is an amazing thing to be able to do!

As one example, I took an address fromrepparttar 122393 phone book and used it as a coordinate to describerepparttar 122394 structure. I got it right down to a few words onrepparttar 122395 side of one ofrepparttar 122396 buildings. Words are difficult to read; however, it was more of just a flash. When we visitedrepparttar 122397 location, I was amazed thatrepparttar 122398 general structure I drew wasrepparttar 122399 one atrepparttar 122400 location.

During a remote viewing session, you can visit any location you desire simply by accessrepparttar 122401 target withinrepparttar 122402 matrix. All ofrepparttar 122403 information is there, all you have to do is open your subconscious mind and access it.

--- How does it all work? ---

Put in simplest terms,repparttar 122404 purpose of performing a remote viewing session is to distract your conscious mind long enough to allow subconscious information to come into your mental processes. This information comes fromrepparttar 122405 Universal Library. You then build a progressive set of data, that describes this subconscious stream, by writing your impressions on paper.

To distract your conscious mind, you apply a "protocol." There are numerous protocols available today that are used by different organizations. Such protocols include Coordinate RV (CRV), Extended RV (ERV), Scientific RV (SRV), Technical RV (TRV), and others. However,repparttar 122406 results are similar in that they all provide a process for acquiring data fromrepparttar 122407 Universal Library.

Actually, you never really see anything as a whole, except on some rare occasions when a blur or a flash might occur. Information comes in as bits and pieces through your senses. Believe it or not, your five sense work seamlessly with your subconscious and allow you to assemble information based on what they perceive. During a session, you only have to concentrate on your target coordinate and never worry about howrepparttar 122408 data comes in as your body is already pre-wired to function with this natural ability.

--- What's next? ---

Remote viewing is not about religion or politics, it is merely a tool that can be used to experience some pretty remarkable travels. Remote viewing is an extremely unusual hobby, yet it provides much inrepparttar 122409 way of satisfaction and practical applications. It is not exactly something that is accepted byrepparttar 122410 mainstream; however, it does piquerepparttar 122411 interest and curiosity of many individuals who would have otherwise smirked at such a possibility.

You can use remote viewing for a multitude of applications; however, one ofrepparttar 122412 more selfish and personally useful applications is to help you clearly direct your life. By performing sessions on your own, it can open your eyes and pull your creative mind out ofrepparttar 122413 muck and mire that has been piled on it during life's journeys. Of course, I would suggest taking introductory courses with a trained professional to learnrepparttar 122414 various techniques and protocols; however, through practice, you can become quite proficient at this technology.

I could go on about this topic, butrepparttar 122415 idea was just to provide a quick overview. There are numerous books available from some ofrepparttar 122416 leaders in this arena. Some ofrepparttar 122417 better one's I've read were by Lynne McTaggart, Lyn Buchanan, and Joe McMoneagle. Additionally, a large amount of information can be found onrepparttar 122418 web at PJ Gaenir's Firedocs Collections (

Good luck and I'll see ya out there!

Edward B. Toupin is a remote viewer, author, life-strategy coach, counselor, and technical writer living in Las Vegas, NV. With the Nevada Remote Viewing Group, Edward has performed numerous sessions for business futures and missing persons. For more information, e-mail Edward at or visit his sites at or

Artificial Intelligence ... what have we learned through natural ignorance?

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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Without creativity, you would dorepparttar same things that you've always done in life without ever moving forward or backward. Consider it as being "caught in a rut." You can't leaverepparttar 122379 rut because you can't figure out how to get out of it. When you think creatively, you're taking things that you know, applying it to things that you don't, and devising a solution to achieve a goal.

To accessrepparttar 122380 vast resources of creativity,repparttar 122381 mind reaches intorepparttar 122382 bio-circuit and extracts bits and pieces of information that it can use to create intelligent solutions. By developing your creative abilities, you are opening that circuit to more knowledge, a greater intellect, and a broader understanding of life.

--- What isrepparttar 122383 soul anyway? ---

A discussion of creativity once again brings uprepparttar 122384 question of: "what isrepparttar 122385 soul?" After some thought and evaluation, I would have to say thatrepparttar 122386 soul isrepparttar 122387 link,repparttar 122388 transceiver, between our physical world andrepparttar 122389 bio-circuit. It isrepparttar 122390 living essence of everything within each of us.

By closing ourselves off into our own worlds and hiding our souls underrepparttar 122391 muck and mire of challenges, we close off our connection torepparttar 122392 bio-circuit. Our soul essentially dies and we become a stand-alone computer with onlyrepparttar 122393 knowledge we have saved as our guide. However, by working to bring your soul forward and using your creativity in everything you do, you can acquire knowledge from every part ofrepparttar 122394 Universe.

--- True AI ---

Scientists have tried to mimicrepparttar 122395 wayrepparttar 122396 human brain functions. Storage, processing, intelligence, and self-learning are all components of AI. However, what ifrepparttar 122397 basic premise of howrepparttar 122398 brain functions was --- wrong? Indeed, it provides control over our bodies and accepts stimuli; however, what ifrepparttar 122399 ideas of processing, intelligence, storage, and self-learning all truly based onrepparttar 122400 connection of our minds withrepparttar 122401 bio-circuit. In this way, to create a mimic ofrepparttar 122402 human intellect, we must understand how we interact with each other throughrepparttar 122403 bio-circuit.

--- What's next? ---

What an unusual foray into strange territory. However, this has been a general concept that has been eating at me for years. It wasn't until I began remote viewing that I was able to see and applyrepparttar 122404 ideas of Universal intelligence torepparttar 122405 ideas of artificial intelligence. I am not going to say that, in this context, a machine cannot have a soul, as stranger things have happened. However, I will say thatrepparttar 122406 true nature of intelligence will not be realized until we understand and believerepparttar 122407 true purpose and function ofrepparttar 122408 soul.

Edward B. Toupin is an author, remote viewer, life-strategy coach, counselor, and technical writer living in Las Vegas, NV. Among other things, he authors books, articles, and screenplays on topics ranging from career success through life organization and fulfillment. For more information, e-mail Edward at or visit his sites at or

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