Remote Control Car Motors

Written by Michael Paetzold

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The slot less and brushless motors are third generation motors. With slot less design, motor can achieve higher efficiency, torque, fast response time and longer life time with greater with zero maintenance. Cogging problem is also eliminated even at lower speed operation. But since there is a lot of research and development involved in their development they come out as expensive solution in case of RC cars.

There are also sensor less and motors with sensors. Sensor motors are older technology with less cogging, less rpm and less power. Onrepparttar other hand sensor less motors are newer technology with more power and more rpm. Both have difference of cogging on start up. This can prove to be a little troublesome when you are in a race. It seems like forever for a sensor motor to start up. But sensor less motor gives smoother throttle response, efficient running and a fewer wires to mess up with.

Remote control cars have a lot to do withrepparttar 142807 motors and their functioning. When preparing for a race, checking out on motors can be really helpful. If your car is heavy then may be a motor with more torque would be required. A speedy light action racer would need a greater rpm. Connections and wires to allrepparttar 142808 motors need to be properly fixed and checked. If you have some cash to spare forrepparttar 142809 race then going in forrepparttar 142810 slot less motor can be good idea.

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Those Mountains in the Back - Identifying Your Old Family Photos

Written by Joe Bott

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After thinking for a while, it hit me. Why would we even bother to write our names onrepparttar back? We all know who we are, so there's no need to jot down a name when we already know what that name is. Besides, if people we don't know look atrepparttar 142634 photo, why would they even care to know who's inrepparttar 142635 photo? Unless, of course, they're curious about that gas station, in which case they could turnrepparttar 142636 photo over to find out that it was somewhere onrepparttar 142637 road to Lake Henry.

So here they sit: all these photos fromrepparttar 142638 1800s and early 1900s with no clues as to who most of these people are. Personally, I want to know who they are, as I'm sure many of you do, too. Unfortunately, some people discard their nameless photos. Fortunately, some people find them.

Even more fortunately,repparttar 142639 Internet has opened a big, big door. Now we can scan those found unknown "genealogy orphans" onto our computers, post them onto and increaserepparttar 142640 chances that someone will help fill inrepparttar 142641 blanks. It happens every day now. Who would have thought?

Anyway, I'm going to get those 1980s undeveloped film rolls developed real soon and share them with you. I might need some help identifying a few ofrepparttar 142642 people in them.

Raised in Southern New Jersey, Joe Bott is an avid photograph collector and mastermind behind After accumulating thousands of old photos over the past 30 years, Joe decided to transform his hobby into a full-time activity for his retirement. Now is a popular public resource for people like you to explore the past through pictures.

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