Reminiscing About Your Past Can Stimulate Your Future

Written by Sonny Julius

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My purpose in writingrepparttar ebook, hopefully, will help senior citizens realize that age is no barrier for excelling in life. If they will just follow my directions they can improve their lifestyle dramatically just as I have done.

Now you may be wondering what does my story have to do with reminiscing aboutrepparttar 141873 past an then applying talents inrepparttar 141874 future? Well you see as a past sales supervisor I trained sales persons to develop their territories. I taught them how to set goals and achieve them. I enjoyed watching them excel, too. I also learned why people didn't excel.I missed doing this when I finally retired. So whenrepparttar 141875 idea of writing an ebook came about I needed to think of not only a subject but also a market for it. Click! Click! It soon became obvious that here was a chance to use my talents once more to help others become more successful in life.

Since I was a senior myself with many challenges, why not share my experiences with other seniors. Teach them how I overcame obstacles,and created a new and exciting life for myself. Now my mission was fulfilled once again. What I loved to do inrepparttar 141876 past came full circle once again.

Give me a chance to help you create more purpose in your life today Let me help you enjoy your "golden years even more. Get a Free preview of my ebook now by going to: I guarantee you will be glad you did

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Sonny Julius is a retired sales supervisor. His interest in the Internet eventually led him to write an ebook geared to senior citizens. The ebook Absolutely Senior – “How To Have The Best Time Of Your Life For The Rest Of Your Life” is a guide for living the senior lifestyle. In addition he has a weekly newsletter, offers a Free no - obligation phone personal coaching session. For more information go to:

How to Save Money When Purchasing a Hearing Aid

Written by Jason Mills

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your hearing aid, is to check for support from local organizations. Check and see if you qualify for Veteran's Administration Benefits. If you performed military services and you can prove that your hearing loss is directly connected to these services, you may qualify for VA. If you are unemployed because your hearing loss is preventing you from getting a job, check with your State's Vocational Rehabilitation Department. This company may provide yourepparttar hearing aid you need in order to find employment. Civic organizations such as Lions International may also provide you with support to purchase a hearing aid. Check with any of these organizations (even if you're not sure if you qualify) because there's a good chance they may reducerepparttar 141781 cost of your hearing aid. One ofrepparttar 141782 most important factors in choosing a hearing aid isrepparttar 141783 warranty. The warranty will ensure that your hearing aid remains in good condition; otherwise,repparttar 141784 manufacturer will repair or replace it for free. Purchasing a hearing aid without a warranty is like purchasing a car without insurance. Without a warranty, if your hearing aid breaks it is your responsibility to replace it and pay for a whole new hearing aid. Most hearing aids are covered for at least one year and up-to a maximum of two years. Many manufacturers offer extended warranties at a certain cost. It is important to read through and fully understand whatrepparttar 141785 warranty or extended warranty offers and exactly what parts ofrepparttar 141786 hearing aid are covered underrepparttar 141787 warranty.

Jason Mills is retired from a long career in photography and spends much of his free time supporting and informing those who have suffered hearing loss - no matter how young or old. In his spare time, he can be found working as a contributing writer on Hearing Aids 101 ( - a site offering in depth information about hearing aids as hearing loss treatment.

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