Remember the Titans

Written by Greg Ryan

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Is there any difference in winning games and winning souls for Christ? Is there any difference inrepparttar lack of communication that once paralyzedrepparttar 148404 Titans and Christians today? Sometimes we just going throughrepparttar 148405 motions of going to church, going to parties and not breaking down barriers? And atrepparttar 148406 end ofrepparttar 148407 day even years later do we know any more about our friends? Can you count on both of your handsrepparttar 148408 number of people you hang with that you know things about them deeper than just their name or social status?

The turning point inrepparttar 148409 last game ofrepparttar 148410 season came whenrepparttar 148411 coach got angry and serious enough, pulled is defensive players aside and said. “From this moment forward I want you to let no one, I mean no one get past you and make another yard. Let them never forgetrepparttar 148412 day they playedrepparttar 148413 Titans!!!!”

From this moment forward, I challenge you to let no one; I mean no one, get past you. Let them never forgetrepparttar 148414 day you loved someone enough to find out more about them.

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How To Get What You Want (sometimes) and Be Happy

Written by Alan Detwiler

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Be willing to take chances to get what you want -

Yeah, sometimes you will fail. Sometimes you will suffer consequences. Just make a logical judgement about whetherrepparttar possible benefits are worthrepparttar 148352 risks. If you decide it's worth it, then go for it. If you fail, so what. If you fail many times, so what. You still might succeedrepparttar 148353 next time, orrepparttar 148354 time after that. As long asrepparttar 148355 possible benefits are worthrepparttar 148356 cost, keep trying. And feel good about it.

Be alert to what is good in your life -

Try to adopt a mode of operation of giving attention torepparttar 148357 good things. If you aren't aware of what you got going for you, then you are missing out on feeling good about those good things. Being happy requires at least some recognition of what makes life valuable and worthwhile. The more you are aware ofrepparttar 148358 good things in life,repparttar 148359 more joy and pleasure you will feel. And to help stay alert generally, do what you can to stay healthy, exercise often, and strive for variety and new experiences.

Go about making your life better -

Take an interest in self-improvement. Be concerned with ways to make your life better. That will allow you to see opportunities to make it better. Some of those opportunities won't work out. The ones that do, make your efforts well worth it.

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