Remember a Name and Build a Relationship

Written by Caterina Rando

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o Userepparttar name in conversation inrepparttar 127225 first two minutes.

o When you end your conversation, use their name again.

o Ask for a card and connectrepparttar 127226 face withrepparttar 127227 name on their card.

o When you have a few moments, scanrepparttar 127228 room and repeat to yourselfrepparttar 127229 names of everyone you have met.

o Onrepparttar 127230 way home, run a video in your mind of all your new acquaintances and their names.

The next time you run into someone you have met inrepparttar 127231 past and you greet them by name, they will warm up to you and be impressed by you. Success in business is built on successful relationships. Remembering names isrepparttar 127232 first step to making any acquaintance grow.

When you make an effort to notice and remember people, they will remember and notice you. You will become well known inrepparttar 127233 circles you move in. You will feel more confident and successful, and increase your business savvy and overall success. The extra effort to notice and remember others will always bring positive results.

Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, is a business success speaker, coach and author of the national bestseller "Learn to Power Think." She helps people get the results they want with ease. To find out about her programs, book and other resources, visit Caterina can be reached by email at

A Revolulutionary "NEW" Dimensiom in Sales

Written by Linda Blew Carlson

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Phase IV

Before ICTech® (Individualized Communication Technology) most of us (salespeople) ended our career growth in Phase III. Now withrepparttar Natural Styles strategy used in ICTech® we can move into Phase IV: Natural Persuasion.

Knowing howrepparttar 127224 5 styles are born to process information, allowsrepparttar 127225 salesperson to tailor his presentation forrepparttar 127226 format most easily understood and agreed upon byrepparttar 127227 prospect.

It doesn't matter how well you know your product or how smooth your presentation is. Until your prospect UNDERSTANDS your product and its applications for him you won't close a sale.

Understandingrepparttar 127228 strategy lets you dispense with gimmicks and integrate all of your sales knowledge into a cohesive whole that you will automatically adjust in each new situation. This means more sales! And more satisfied customers!

How ICTech® works:

You're a salesperson whose Natural Style is 'Single.' What do you do with a 'Multiple' style prospect?

*Don't bore her with too many details; give herrepparttar 127229 overview ofrepparttar 127230 product and its effects on her. Be sure to ask her what this product could do for her or in some way let her think this whole thing is her idea.

*The fastest way to lose this prospect is oversell - too many details. You are 'telling' not 'selling.'

           Now reverserepparttar 127231 example. You're a 'Multiple' salesperson and your prospect is a 'Single.' What do you do?

*Don't overpower him with too many examples or applications ofrepparttar 127232 product. Let them apply to him. Again, 'sell' don't 'tell.' Concentrate onrepparttar 127233 strongest feature of your product and give as many details as possible.

*Give him plenty of time to think; don't rush him. The fastest way to lose this prospect is to appear too vague because you're trying to give him an overview and he wants an explicit example.

           Just a couple of simple examples, but Paul practicesrepparttar 127234 simple strategies of ICTech® and it has made him one of his industry's 'hottest' sales people.

           Many sales people who use ICTech® close 5 to 7 of ten presentations. What would happen for any salesperson who could cut throughrepparttar 127235 mental baggage of a prospect and give a presentation with a 50% to 70% chance of closing?

Simple. Revolutionary!

     At Nelson is an entrepreneur and consultant in various areas of media organization. He found ICTech in a public workshop, and since has been learning more about it and applying it in his businesses Linda Blew Carlson, is President of FOCUS I, Inc. a company dedicated to supporting American businesses by helping them find innovative ways to individualize their service. Reach her at or

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Thank you. Tom

Linda is President of Focus I Inc., and creator of ICTech, the technology for individualization.

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