Religious Dating - Traditions and Values

Written by Frank Duru

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Become a Member of Any Clubs or Groups - if your religious community has any activities or meetings, it might be a good idea for you and your date to attend and become involved in something that may not only bring you closer physically, but also spiritually.

Onrepparttar other side ofrepparttar 139385 coin, dating someone who is of a different religious background as you can also be quiterepparttar 139386 adventure. Although highly frowned upon inrepparttar 139387 past, more than ever, especially inrepparttar 139388 Western culture, people of different religions are dating and even marrying. Naturally, not everyone agrees with these proceedings, but when it comes to love,repparttar 139389 only opinions that should matter is yours and your partner's.

Therefore, regardless of whom you date, and what religion they follow, you can still keep up withrepparttar 139390 value and traditions that matter to you. If you and your date were meant to be, he or she will recognize what is important to you, as you should them. After all, although religions differ in beliefs and many other traditions, they all teachrepparttar 139391 importance and value of love.

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Faith - sermon notes.

Written by Hannes Wessels

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Multiplied Faith Leviticus 26: 8 says that five will chase a hundred but a hundred will chase ten thousand. Faith multiplies when it is joined to your brothers and sisters. How strong is your link with your body? Be very careful in battle not to get separated from your clan. Stand strong againstrepparttar moves ofrepparttar 139340 devil, but stand as one.

Is there a mountain in your life that you can not move? Believe! Get somebody to stand with you. Bring it torepparttar 139341 prayer meeting! Take it to your home-cell! You will see God move on your behalf. Sometimes God is moving us in a process and we can not fight against it. Sometimes God is leading us intorepparttar 139342 wilderness and He will accomplish His plans. We have to trust Him that He is leading us. He is inrepparttar 139343 boat with us. You are not alone.

Prayer for this week: Lord Jesus let us fightrepparttar 139344 good fight together in strength, not double minded but with direction and purpose.

Pastor Hannes is the senior pastor for Eastcoast Christian Centre, a Church in Port Elizabeth. Feel free to redistribute this article, but please include this About section with an active link to our website.

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