Rekindling Passion for Work

Written by Richard Hanes

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So how do you rekindlerepparttar fire of passion in your life? Do some inner work fist to reconnect to your inspiration, which means to “breathe in”. What did you love to do as a child? What makes you lose track of time as you do it? What do you lose yourself in as you do it? What possible works did you leave behind because they didn’t fit others’ expectations of you? What would you do if money were not an object? Answering these questions gives yourepparttar 138351 air you need to rekindle your inner fire.

Next gather your inner tinder. Pick small ways to tryrepparttar 138352 things that inspire you. Set easily accomplished goals that will give your self-esteem a boost. Make these goals specific, realistic, measurable, achievable and timely. Ignite this tinder with your love and watch it start to blaze.

As it burns brighter, gather your kindling – slightly bigger, more ambitious goals. Goals that stretch you, give you more self-confidence and allow your inner passion to burn brighter and hotter. Lay your kindling onrepparttar 138353 little blaze started with your tinder and add more asrepparttar 138354 flames burn higher.

Next, gather your fuel. Your confidence in your abilities will have grown as your passion burns hotter, so try even bigger, long-term goals. Find ways to fuel your desire so that you passion serves others. A fire to keep only one person warm quickly burns out.

Finally, lay in a long-term supply of fuel, keep your fire supplied with air and stoke it regularly. Rejuvenate yourself and your fire – take outrepparttar 138355 spent ashes, and put more fuel on it often. Love yourself, dorepparttar 138356 things you love so they will nourish your inner fire. Set bigger and bigger goals for loving service to others and tend them carefully. Anthony Farmer reminds us that, “Passion comes from being engaged in life, all aspects of life.” He quotes James Roberts Rowe, “Putting your heart, mind and soul into evenrepparttar 138357 smallest tasks isrepparttar 138358 essence of passion.” To quote Mother Teresa, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Use your passion to do your unique small things with great love.

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Rick Hanes is a life and career coach, writer, outdoorsman, gardener and tireless advocate for living life with purpose and passion. He founded Fruition Coaching in 2004 to lead the fight against leading lives of quiet desperation. Check his website at to contact him about rekindling the fire of your life!


Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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I can do nothing on my own You without sin castrepparttar first stone Inrepparttar 138250 eyes ofrepparttar 138251 world, my work seems in vain But in heaven above great treasures I gain

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Author of My Walk with the Lord,, preacher, retired US Army

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