Written by Ed Howes

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Lives of total dependency in cages help no one. Not keepers,repparttar prisoners orrepparttar 113501 society trying to protect itself. To treat a person as though they will never have an opportunity for revenge and then releasing them with hearts full of fear, resentment, anger and rage, guarantees that society will pay a price forrepparttar 113502 way they treat people who were most often fellow victims, long before they turned to crime.

In Orwellian double speak, society talks of caging people as criminals paying a debt to society. The fact isrepparttar 113503 reverse. Society is creating a debt torepparttar 113504 offender, turning a marginal life into a hopeless and useless life. Society is restricting a person from any opportunity to contribute torepparttar 113505 society he or she offended; allowing no opportunity to support a family for which they may be responsible; innocent victims of terrible, thoughtless social policy.

Society has so long applied this cruel punishment that its debt torepparttar 113506 criminal element cannot be paid. Just likerepparttar 113507 debts owed Native Americans andrepparttar 113508 descendents of African slaves. We can go ahead and live our lives as though no debt existed and we do. America will pay in blood, terror and plague - death and destruction. It is a sad thing we have so chosen. Divine justice does not allow for life in cages or a few living well fromrepparttar 113509 misery of many.

The rehabilitation of social offenders will not preventrepparttar 113510 judgment of a dispassionate, unrepentant people, long past due. It could create pockets of mercy within that judgment. Perhaps you and I will know a little of that mercy. Perhaps you and I will make some effort to end a social injustice that is worldwide and centuries old. Perhaps you and I will no longer ignorerepparttar 113511 problems some are paid to hide from us. Perhaps we actually do know right from wrong. Perhaps knowingrepparttar 113512 difference, we will choose what is right. Perhaps but no one is betting on it.

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Selecting the best candidate for the job!

Written by Robert M. Ziegler

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forms of financial support for “individual” candidates, why not place these monetary contributions into a special fund and allocate an “equal amount of money” to each candidate … to be used for promotional purposes. This would give “all” candidates an equal opportunity to win. Some type of regulation would need to be implemented to prevent individuals and companies from doing their own promotions for their favorite candidate. This should encourage more highly-qualified people to run for office and it would minimizerepparttar amount of favoritism they owe to those who provided financial support. If you like this suggestion spreadrepparttar 113500 word by telling others to read this article … if enough people show support for it, it can become a realilty. Wouldn’t you rather have someone represent you who shares a comparable lifestyle and who can more fully understand and appreciate your needs and concerns? I would!

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