Registry Tools Demystified

Written by David D. Deprice

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Registry First Aid

Registry First Aid scans registry for orphan file/folder references, finds these files or folders on your drives that may have been moved from their initial locations, and then corrects your registry entries to matchrepparttar located files or folders. In addition, if your registry has links to files of deleted applications, Registry First Aid will find these invalid entries and remove them from your registry. With Registry First Aid, your Windows registry will be always clean and correct, helping your programs load faster and speeding up your computer. The latest version of Registry First Aid is even easier to use and safely fixes more Registry errors than ever before. Helps eliminate system crashes, software lockups and slow loading programs caused by incorrect Registry entries leftover from software installations & uninstallations that went awry. Registry First Aid fixes these problems by removing these references that are no longer needed. Hundreds of these files bog downrepparttar 149257 registry, slow down your computer and cause software to lock up. RFA 3.0 offers added features that checkrepparttar 149258 registry for unused software entries and "Run" registry entry errors. Also supports adding multiple entries into an excluded list and a new safe invalid path detection algorithm.

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