Register Domain Names One Year At A Time!

Written by Michael Campbell

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In no event shallrepparttar total unexpired term of a registration exceed ten (10) years.

So there you have it folks, right from ICANN themselves. If you have a lot of domain names - like me - you may want to keep them reserved one a year at a time, to keep your costs down. Or, if you have a company name not likely to be sold inrepparttar 108321 future, you can register it for 10 years at a big savings off ofrepparttar 108322 regular price.

After digging and digging around, at several ICANN accredited registrars, I was hard pressed to find even one that allowed anything butrepparttar 108323 old two year registrations. I did finally find one Canadian company that does one to ten year registrations (partnered with Melbourne IT an ICANN accredited registrar). The fact that they have a shopping cart to allow multiple registrations and a real time database is justrepparttar 108324 icing onrepparttar 108325 cake.

With 21 domain names to register, I'm happy to say that I saved over $600 US by being able to register them for a single year, instead of two, and I submitted them all with a single mouse click.

Michael Campbell Author, Nothing But 'Net

Are You Building Your Internet Presence Or Are You Just Working Programs?

Written by Lois Thompson

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Again, your own domain name is extremely valuable. It can serve as your own product or brand name onrepparttar internet.

Let's do brainstorming for your domain name. Here are some pointers in choosing your domain name:

1). Choose a name which reflects and promotes your business.

2). Choose names that are catchy phrases. Why? they are easy for people to remember, therefore easier to identify you with. But they are also a great investment. Had you or I registered a catchy domain name like ' ' we would have been retired very rich. That name was sold at auction

for a few million dollars, and it cost less than $100 to register it for 2 years.

3). Register names which are Keyword rich. This can greatly improve your search engine ranking, simply be using keywords in your domain name. 4). How about your own name, it is unique to you.

5). Of course, if you currently have a domain with one ofrepparttar 108320 shorter 23 character or less, or a .net, .org, by all means register a new longer keyword loaded name. Now you can register a domain name with up to 67 characters. It is reported that there are more searches for .com, that any other.

Before registering your domain name you will need to check it's availability in 'whois.' You can do so here:

Now, with having your domain, there are many options for building your web site. There are pre-designed domain web sites, saving lots of money and time over custom built ones. They allow you to add your own ideas, pictures or links to your current business and/or program. But, you may choose to have one custom designed. Both of these services can be obtained at a very reasonable cost. You can find more information on that here:

With over 80 million Internet surfers onrepparttar 108321 Web each day, it is inevitable, all serious entrepreneurs will need a domain web site. It is reported that there are 50,000 domain names being registered each and every day. That's over 1,500,000 per month and growing.

How many of those could you sell while more effectively promoting your current business/program? While at it, why not sell Web site services? Everyone coming onrepparttar 108322 Internet with any intentions of making it big and stayingrepparttar 108323 course will be in need of these same services too.

Lois Thompson of Prudco Marketing. Lois is a Web Consultant and moderator of buildingwealth eGroup. mailto:

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