Regarding the AdSense Updates...

Written by Daniel Robson

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There are some downsides that I have to point out however. Atrepparttar momentrepparttar 131538 maximum size ofrepparttar 131539 ĎAd Linksí box is 200*90, with a maximum of five topics. This is fine for people who userepparttar 131540 smaller Ad Units, but for those who userepparttar 131541 biggest rectangle possible this could be a problem. The other fact to consider is how long it may take your visitors to adapt torepparttar 131542 new layout. I have no evidence to back this up, as Iíve only been experimenting withrepparttar 131543 new system for two days now, but it does seem that, inrepparttar 131544 short term at least, you will be seeing a decrease in revenue from your AdSense account asrepparttar 131545 visitors get used torepparttar 131546 new layout.

The most beneficial changes Google has bestowed on us, however, has to berepparttar 131547 changes inrepparttar 131548 payment system. A real boon torepparttar 131549 non-US based publishers such as myself has to berepparttar 131550 supply of local currency cheques. Now you can elect to receive your check in Pounds Sterling, Indian Rupees, Euros, Turkish Lira or any of 43 local currencies. There is alsorepparttar 131551 option to sign up forrepparttar 131552 beta ofrepparttar 131553 new EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) payment option, which will deposit money directly into your back account.

So those arerepparttar 131554 changes that Google has made to its AdSense program. But as ours IS to wonder why, maybe I can make a comment ofrepparttar 131555 possibility of why this update has come this week. Is it coincidence that atrepparttar 131556 same time as Google was updating its program Yahoo has announced its own textual Ad serving service, based on its Overture Paid Inclusion search engine? Personally I donít think so. But competition is almost always a good thing, and who knows, maybe Yahoo may even spur Google into giving peoplerepparttar 131557 Ad tracking capabilities that many publishers have been crying out for.

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How to display RSS feeds on your website.

Written by Allan Burns

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You are using a third party service.

The second potential downside is that althoughrepparttar javascript is on your site you are actually calling a script on another server. This could lead to a couple of potential problems. Ifrepparttar 131535 server is busy it will meanrepparttar 131536 news feed will take longer to display on your site. The other point is ifrepparttar 131537 third party server fails or disappears altogether then your feed will not be displayed at all.

In summary there are a few downsides, but if you do not code and want some feeds on your site quickly then this isrepparttar 131538 way to go. Ok, so now you understand what is involved here arerepparttar 131539 links torepparttar 131540 sites that providerepparttar 131541 free RSS to javascript service. All you need to do is followrepparttar 131542 on site instructions.

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