Refuse To Fail

Written by J E Sheward

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5.Keep yourself focused and on track. During your “work time”, don’t look up other sites that look interesting to you. Write downrepparttar name ofrepparttar 117200 site and visit it later. If you’re not careful, you’ll spend all day checking out someone else’s sites instead of getting traffic to your own.

6.Be willing to learn and try new things. As creatures of habit, we tend to keep doingrepparttar 117201 same things over and over again, even if they aren’t working. If your marketing techniques aren’t getting results then it’s time to re-think and try something new. Keep tweaking your efforts until you findrepparttar 117202 formula that works for you.

7.Don’t get discouraged. There will be days when you feel like you’ve done nothing but work, work, work and still you haven’t made a sale. So, you start slacking off and stop writing and submitting articles, stop submitting your classified ads, stop allrepparttar 117203 marketing you were once so active in doing. Even though it may seem useless atrepparttar 117204 time, all of your efforts WILL pay off eventually, so NO SLACKING!

8.Don’t expect too much too soon. Give yourself at least a year of honest promoting and marketing before you even think about giving up.

9.Make sure thatrepparttar 117205 e-mail list you build is opt-in only and be very careful about purchasing “leads”. No one likes to receive unsolicited e-mails and you don’t want your name orrepparttar 117206 name of your company associated with such practices.

10.When you’re ready to call it a day, take a look at what you’ve done and what needs to be done. Make a “To Do” list forrepparttar 117207 next day in order of priority. Check each item off as you get it done and if you haverepparttar 117208 time try to do a little more each day. Before you know it, all your hard work will pay off…just be consistent and REFUSE TO FAIL!

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Choosing The Perfect Direct Sales Business

Written by Kara Kelso

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4. Compare businesses

Now that you have tried outrepparttar products, check outrepparttar 117199 details ofrepparttar 117200 program. Look closely atrepparttar 117201 retail prices, cost ofrepparttar 117202 kid, and finallyrepparttar 117203 compensation plan. Ask yourself questions such as “Could I stand behind this company?”, “Isrepparttar 117204 income possibility there” , and “Arerepparttar 117205 products what they say they are?”.

5. Askrepparttar 117206 experts

Stop by a few message boards and groups to askrepparttar 117207 experts what they think ofrepparttar 117208 businesses you’ve narrowed in on. Ask lots of questions about how wellrepparttar 117209 products sell and how goodrepparttar 117210 company’s customer service is.

It may take a lot of time to do all this research, but it’s well worth it inrepparttar 117211 end. Just remember to always look atrepparttar 117212 products first and income second. Follow your instinct and you will findrepparttar 117213 perfect business for you.

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