"Refresh" Your Chances Of Collecting That ClickBank Commission ...

Written by Mike Merz

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This META REFRESH tip will help, by makingrepparttar ClickBank association less obvious.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be able to upload files to your site's server.

Copy and pasterepparttar 102557 following code into an HTML editor and save it to your web server as whateveryoulike.html:

IMPORTANT! In order forrepparttar 102558 following code to work, replacerepparttar 102559 "(" with "<", andrepparttar 102560 ")" with ">" ...)

(HEAD)(TITLE)Your Affiliate Program Title(/TITLE) (META http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://www.YouraffiliateprogramsURL") (/HEAD)(BODYBGCOLOR="#FFFFFF")(/BODY)(/HTML)

After you save this as whateveryoulike.html, and uploadrepparttar 102561 file to your server, you will be able to link torepparttar 102562 program with this URL: http://www.Yourdomain.com/whateveryoulike.html

This will help raise your campaign's reliability a notch aboverepparttar 102563 other affiliates usingrepparttar 102564 traditional methods (and it looks a lot more professional, to boot ..;).

Another benefit to using this technique isrepparttar 102565 ability to track your ads. You can save your page as whateveryoulike1.html, whateveryoulike2.html, etc., giving each campaign a different promotion code, and enabling you to find out which one is drawingrepparttar 102566 best responses.

This method will not prevent your commissions from being "stolen", but it should definitely help.

To learn how you can make ClickBank's services even more secure, visit < http://im4newbies.com/clickbanknews.htm > .

Mike Merz is a well-known Internet marketing consultant, specializing in Online Marketing newbie start ups, and owner of the Top5News Group, featuring Internet Marketing For Newbies < http://im4newbies.com >

The Key to a Successful Affiliate Program

Written by Michael Southon

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What'srepparttar other 90 per cent? Marketing!

My own affiliate program gives 50% commissions, and I wouldn't dream of offering less. After all, who makesrepparttar 102556 sale - me orrepparttar 102557 affiliate?

It may be disappointing to see 50% of your sale price going to your affiliates. But it's worth remembering this: without your affiliate, that sale simply wouldn't have occurred.

Of course, there are many other factors involved in building a successful affiliate program, but this isrepparttar 102558 first and most important: make your affiliates your equal partners, because they'll be doing 90% ofrepparttar 102559 work.

Michael Southon has been writing for the Internet for over 3 years. He has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use this simple technique to get massive free publicity and dramatically increase traffic and sales. His popular eBook, Ezine Writer! (now in its 3rd Edition), has become the classic guide on how to write for the Internet.

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